Travel the silk road with luxury scarves from David Subroto

Travel the silk road with luxury scarves from David Subroto

When it comes to timeless fashion pieces, it’s hard to top a luxurious silk scarf. These swish squares of fabric are so versatile – you can dress them up, wear them down, use them to add a pop of colour … they are pretty much a sartorial Swiss army knife. If you’ve been hunting for the perfect new addition to your wardrobe that goes a little outside of the box, look no further – David Subroto scarves are the missing piece you seek.

David Subroto has always been a big fan of clean aesthetics, taking pleasure in the fact that it is often the things that appear the simplest that are anything but. Drawn to the intricacy and fine detailing of the design world, David decided to merge this passion with his love of fashion to create his eponymous silk scarf label. His goal was to create a line of effortless luxury that would transcend the boundaries between your wardrobe, home and personal style, creating pieces that would make the wearer look and feel like a million bucks.

Each of the five scarves available at David Subroto has a distinct and beautiful print to stand alone as a statement or make up the perfect accessory or level up your outfit. When it comes to fabric choice, silk was the obvious selection for David – its dynamic nature, fluid properties and ability to hold dyes well made it the perfect candidate for this venture, not to mention that it feels like absolute heaven on your skin. Each piece has been vigilantly handcrafted and screenprinted, meaning that prints are one-of-a-kind. Colour swatches are mixed and then manually transferred onto the fabric, meaning the finished result is always a bespoke creation.

Ready to treat yourself to a little slice of luxury? You can shop the full range of David Subroto scarves through the brand’s online store.


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