Cubbylove launches new collection of wall hangings

Growing up tends to mean getting hitched to a significant other and finding a humble dwelling to call your own. Then two becomes three, and suddenly you’re responsible for ensuring the life of another, not just your own path, becomes a beautiful journey.

Having welcomed a daughter into the world this year, designer and maker Magdalene Bufalino and her partner Josephmark designer Jai Mitchell have drawn inspiration from their new party-of-three status and channelled it into the sophomore collection for Cubbylove. The powerful nesting desires that graduating to family status brings about and wonderment of new life has been instilled into new collection, walls.

The series of wall hangings has been crafted from a pairing of wood and rope, tipped with splashes of colour. Continuing to thread socially and environmentally conscious principles through the brand, the pieces see recycled pine from an old studio floor used as the base, festooned with cotton rope tassels and or spun into a dream catcher and playful swing shapes.

The local homewares label launched the new collection last weekend at Brisbane edition of The Finders Keepers market, with the collection now available online.


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