Bury your nose in a classic from Atavist Books

Bury your nose in a classic from Atavist Books

You may not be able to recall your first ever book, like you can your first love. But unlike a fleeting romance, books last forever – kept, cherished and read over and over.

But what to do when this love of literature becomes an addiction, with your bookcase creaking under the strain of an overbearingly large collection? Cutting yourself off cold turkey is not a plausible solution, but opening your own bookshop may well be.

Winn Lane in Fortitude Valley’s newest addition, Atavist Books, is the creation of Sian Williams, a freelance writer with a penchant for specialty publications.

Stocking a range of secondhand classic, cult and underground fiction, as well as non-fiction and the odd popular title, Atavist sprung from Sian’s ever-growing personal library and garage-sale finds.

With plans to specialise in artists’ books, zines and local publications, this free-standing, wooden closest of a book nook is now open Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 4:00pm, for all your Waugh, Woolf and Hemingway needs.


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