Brush your pearly whites with exotic Marvis Toothpaste

Brush your pearly whites with exotic Marvis Toothpaste

The daily ritual of brushing your teeth can often feel monotonous, but is an ever-essential process in a morning routine.

As the beauty cabinet gets an upgrade across cologne, hair wax, moisturiser and shampoo, the need for a quality, luxury toothpaste with well-designed packaging seems all the more necessary as your messy Colgate stick interrupts your pristine basin-top product arrangement.

Producing creamy, rich toothpastes in seven original aromatic flavours, Marvis toothpastes exude the same quality and design standards as its Florentine makers do in fashion. With flavours like Ginger Mint, Jasmine Mint and Cinnamon Mint, the traditional making methods behind Marvis ensure all the usual plaque-fighting, decay-prevention techniques of your standard brands while upping the elegance stakes across taste and package design.

This contemporary toothpaste for the grooming-attentive man is also available in whitening or classic mint, for those who prefer their pearly whites simply minty fresh. Pop into Pureman in the city to gaze at the stack of elegant coloured boxes yourself or buy online.

Image via Beauty Editor.


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