Bro Tips: A friend for life

Bro Tips: A friend for life

While the definition of a bro is subjective, it typically involves images of backwards caps, low-slung pants and a whole lot of swagger.

Acknowledging that the true understanding of the term is fading fast from our midst, Bro Tips, an online advice website, is capturing the hearts and minds of males with its re-definition of what constitutes a bro, as well as essential life lessons for the modern gent.

First setting up shop in March 2011, Bro Tips works on the basis of submitted advice from fans worldwide. Anybody is welcome to distribute advice they would consider to be a life lesson for the average guy. With gems of wisdom that include ‘why wouldn’t you support gay bros, technically it just leaves more chicks for you’ and ‘avoid the gym in January bro, its still full of new year’s resolution people’, Bro Tips is sure to inspire and charm the most wayward of bros, both young and old.

Like a bible for modern bromance, Bro Tips is an online glossary of advice for men who may have forgotten the term refers to brotherhood. Thanks to its steady rise in popularity (with more than 2.5 million visitors per month), Bro Tips now includes a tumblr, as well as the original website and a shop where you can purchase one of the classic pieces of advice on a screen-printed t-shirt.



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