Punk-rock tunes and terrifying monsters – the best series to watch this month

Punk-rock tunes and terrifying monsters – the best series to watch this month

The chilly, wet weather has put a halt on all of our outdoor plans, and will most likely see a lot of us spend our free time indoors. If you’re keen to snuggle up on the couch and binge your way through a new TV series, then we have some good news for you – we have rounded up some of the best series gracing our screens this month. Whether you’re into superhero stories, nightmare-inducing horror or delightful rom-coms, we have got a streaming gem for you.

Stranger Things – Netflix 
Lovers of 80s tunes, classic horror movies and David Harbour really need no introduction to Stranger Things, the Duffers Brothers’ sci-fi juggernaut that first shot into our stratosphere in 2016. Now in its fourth season, the show follows our favourite Hawkins school kids who are still battling supernatural forces that come from the Upside Down, including a new evil (and truly ugly) antagonist dubbed Vecna. Will Eleven be able to defeat this powerful monster? You’ll have to undertake a binge session to find out. Viewer warning – we reckon this is the scariest season yet.

Everything I Know About Love – Stan
Based on Dolly Alderton’s 2018 memoir of the same name, Everything I Know About Love follows the lives of a group of best friends as they navigate their early 20s in London. Set in 2012, the show depicts the messiness of your 20s – from red-flag-filled dating and bad jobs to boozy weekends and struggling to make rent. Throw in a very of-its-time indie-sleaze soundtrack, nostalgic Top Shop fits and some seriously funny but tragic wine-fuelled scenarios and you’ve got nostalgia-laced TV gold.

Pistol – Disney +
With Danny Boyle at the helm and a killer soundtrack to boot, it was almost written in the stars that Pistol would be one hell of a ride. Starring Australia’s own Toby Wallace (Babyteeth) and a bounty of familiar faces, the show is based on the memoir of Steve Jones, the legendary Sex Pistols guitarist who helped usher in a punk revolution in England. It follows the ascent of the band, the rise of punk subculture and it even depicts the infamous romance between Sid and Nancy. It’s all very theatrical but you wouldn’t expect anything less – it’s punk rock after all.

The Boys Season 3 – Amazon Prime
While the superhero genre is still very much popular and with the Marvel machine showing no signs of slowing down, it was only a matter of time before someone took the mickey out of the comic-book trend. Enter The Boys, a NSFW series that follows a rag-tag team of vigilantes whose sole mission is to take out the corrupt so-called supes who abuse their superpowers. Now in its third season, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) is turning to the dark side for some help in defeating big baddie Homelander (Antony Starr) – by recruiting America’s OG superhero Soldier Boy (played by Jensen Ackles), who is probably as bad, or quite possibly worse than his adversary. It’s a filthy and fun time, to say the least.

You Can’t Ask That –  ABC iview
Our favourite ABC show, You Can’t Ask That, has returned for a seventh series and it’s another eye-opening instalment. You Can’t Ask That asks marginalised and misunderstood Aussies some hard-hitting (and sometimes truly shocking) questions, in a bid to offer insight into their lives. This season will chat to bogans, people with postnatal depression, gay men, models, people with prescription drug addiction, porn stars and people with dementia. It’s outrageous and uncomfortable but also honest and enlightening.

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