Grooming tips and techniques from Baxter of California

Baxter Finley was an original, real-life Mad Men. The founding father of the men’s skincare industry, he created Baxter of California after moving from New York City to Los Angeles to chase the advertising dream, before realising his increased sun exposure was taking a toll on his skin.

With no un-floral, masculine-packaged skincare products around, he created his own, commencing with the Super Shape skin conditioner. Moving into an array of grooming products for the discerning gent, Baxter of California is still a go-to label for the modern man today.

Now the brand has put together a short Grooming Guide video, with instructions for best using the products and general handy hints. Through cartoon figures, typography and retro sounds, Baxter of California’s Grooming Guide delivers a snapshot of the company’s history dating back to the mid-1960s and tips for daily priming. Badger hair shaving brushes are best, men need to moisturise, and good grooming will get you the girl – or so the clip implies. If you fancy yourself a contemporary Don Draper, pick up some tips for clueing in to executive shaving style.


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