Bare Blossom Cosmetics

Discover vegan beauty label Bare Blossom

Sensitive-skinned beauties can have a rather rough time trying to navigate the many toxins and chemicals found in commercial beauty products, but now local line Bare Blossom Cosmetics is offering an allergy-free alternative.

While those with food intolerances don’t have to go too far for their lactose-free milk and gluten-free bread, gentleladies suffering from skin allergies can often feel left out in the cold. This was the experience of Brisbane resident Adriana Woolf, whose autoimmune disease meant she was under doctor’s orders to limit the amount of toxins in her environment.

After digging around for chemical-free beauty products and finding very little to suit her needs, Adriana was inspired to develop the vegan, gluten-free Bare Blossom Cosmetics range. Hair, skin, nail and make-up products are made from certified-organic ingredients, fine minerals, plant waxes and fruit extracts, and don’t use any animal derivatives. The Bare Blossom line is safe for use by most skin types, as well as mums-to-be. Brushes and accessories complement items such as mineral blush, bronzer, nail polish and lip liner. Bare Blossom Cosmetics are available exclusively online.


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