Face the facts – here's the rad stuff you could afford if you didn't pay bank fees

Face the facts – here’s the rad stuff you could afford if you didn’t pay bank fees

Being an adult is exceptionally difficult and that is a stone cold fact, son. You might think you’re totally killing it by maintaining strong relationships, holding down a great job, finding time to socialise and going to the gym at least semi-regularly (you go Glen Coco!) but nobody has this whole grown-up thing locked down. Amongst neglected houseplants and awkward post-liking during a deep Facebook lurk, personal finances are some tricky waters to navigate. For example, do you have any idea how much you’re paying in account fees with your bank? Here at The Weekend Edition we sure didn’t, so our friends at BOQ challenged us to take a look at how much we were coughing up and where it could be better spent – on totally baller stuff.

James: The thing about fees is that they seem insignificant until you put them all together. Our Editorial Assistant has been losing $135 every year to account fees and has nothing to show for it – if those fees were nixed, James could have had a monthly food date at Miss Kay’s for the same amount. Spending $11 a month sounds a lot sweeter when it’s on buns, not the bank.

Emily: Turns out our Senior Digital Account Manager is getting stung up to $100 annually for pretty much nothing – damn you, account fees! We asked her what she would spend a crisp hundred on and she requested steak, so why not go for the best steak money can buy? Moo Moo the Wine Bar + Grill happens to have a Macquarie Downs full-blood wagyu on the menu that goes for $95, which is a far more satisfying spend.

Chrisanthi: When we quizzed our Managing Editor, she discovered that she was losing around $120 a year to account keeping fees. There are some seriously rad concerts happening in Brisbane soon that this hard-earned money could go towards. Chrisanthi could be listening to the honeyed tones of The Weeknd, reliving the golden age of true bangers at RNB Fridays Live or even getting groovy at the latest disco-packed instalment of A Day on the Green, with tickets to these shows averaging out to be around the mark of what she’s paid to the bank.

Tia: For many people, the word ‘degustation’ is something associated with the high life. For our Creative Director, a degustation is something that would be totally achievable if she switched banks. Tia cops $150 a year in sneaky account fees, which is pretty sucky when she could be spending that money at the award-winning GOMA Restaurant on a five-course tasting menu with wines to match.

Liz: Poor, sweet Liz – our Digital Account Manager got the most raw deal out of all of us, finding out she paid a whopping $240 in account fees for a year. Truly rough. After that stressful discovery she could probably use a little holiday, which would be utterly achievable if she ditched her current bank for one that didn’t play her so hard. For example, she could live it up with a night or two at The Johnson Art Series hotel for the same cost – probably time to move on to greener pastures.

This post was created in conjunction with our good friends at BOQ. The team there feels your fee-paying pain, that’s why they’ve created the Day2Day Plus Account®, with no monthly account keeping fees, no minimum monthly deposit and free access to more than 3000 rediATMs nationwide. They’re not messing around! Plus, if you do it before August 31, 2017 you could go in the draw to win a Whitsundays getaway for two. Terms and conditions apply.


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