autark brings the flow and femininity to slow fashion

autark brings the flow and femininity to slow fashion

If you’ve been looking to dip your toe into the slow fashion pool, you may have noticed two things – the designs are generally minimalist, and the price point tends to be pretty steep. One brand breaking this mould is autark, an Adelaide-based label bringing a fresh take to the genre. Forget the basics – this is high fashion that doesn’t ditch the function.

Adelaide designer Sophia McMahon launched autark in 2016 with a two-fold purpose – to address the needs of modern women and to make a statement against the fast fashion industry. Sophia’s passionate advocacy for the slow fashion movement means that each autark garment is crafted locally, ethically and fairly from the finest materials – think silks, cottons, linens and an array of natural fibres. While stunning to look at, the garments still manage to retain their practicality – you won’t be tripping over obnoxious hems or contorting your body while eating to avoid getting food on your sleeves.

While a lot of slow-fashion labels have been focusing on going back to basics with scores of uncomplicated wardrobe staples (which is awesome and necessary), autark has taken a more bold approach. The innovative designs are intrinsically feminine but also retain a practicality, ensuring they will live comfortably in your wardrobe for years to come. The latest collection features flared jumpsuits, wide-leg pants, draping camisoles, culottes and more, with a creamy colour palette and large button detailing featuring throughout. Luxe ruffles, generous cuts and flowing silhouettes create a dreamy aesthetic.

If the thought of draping yourself in dreamy autark threads is appealing, you can shop the label’s full range through its online store.


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