attaquer cycling lycra
attaquer cycling lycra

Cycling lycra gets a makeover with Attaquer

In the past, there’s been nothing more cringe-worthy, fashion-wise, than a man decked out in lycra while cycling speed-demon-style. Bum padding, unforgiving tautness and sweat in all sorts of places are not top qualities on the attractiveness scale.

Now two lads are taking current cycle culture attire and shaking it out of its tradition-driven rut. Attaquer designs full kits, caps and socks for the serious cyclist, letting riders break the mould and wear a little of their personality on their lycra sleeve. With the prints and patterns designed by Australian street and fashion artists, these bold kits are made in Italy and come in eye-catching fabrics of camouflage, stripes and paper planes.

Co-founders and avid cyclists Stevan Musulin and Greg Hamer have also formulated their own Attaquer Shammy Cream, using all natural ingredients like almond, jojoba, peppermint and eucalyptus oils to reduce friction and increase comfort in those awkward places.

Image via Incu.


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