Adorn your legs with fanciful Black Milk leggings

Adorn your legs with fanciful Black Milk leggings

After being dealt a series of unlucky blows, James Lillis decided to channel his frustrations into a dilapidated sewing machine and, as luck would have it, he discovered that he possessed a knack for sewing a decent stitch.

After a lot of practice and a few sewing classes, James took a leap of faith and established his own label, Black Milk Clothing.

An online fashion label based in Fortitude Valley, Black Milk Clothing is devoted to all things nylon. The label began its days as a small online start-up, manufacturing leggings emblazoned with bold and unexpected prints, but, as word spread, Black Milk Clothing quickly expanded its range to encompasses swimsuits, bodysuits, dresses, skirts and, most recently, shoes.

Stargaze into the Galaxy collection of garments, brush up on your electrical theory with the Circuit Board range and test your knowledge of anatomy with the Ribs swimsuit.

Cheeky and adventurous, Black Milk Clothing has proven the worth of a humble reel of nylon. Introduce the pieces to your best cotton t-shirt and they are sure to become to best of friends.

Image via Black Milk Clothing.


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