Add a drop of Ad Man inspiration to your day

Add a drop of Ad Man inspiration to your day

With the new season of Mad Men gracing the airwaves, the dapper allure of the Don Draper lifestyle has once again been brought to the forefront of our minds.

Slick 1960s suits, hair shiny with the perfect amount of pomade, a tumbler of scotch in hand at all times of the day – the art of the Draper gent contains an attractively large splash of play, with just a nip of professionalism. And while we’re inspired by Mad Men’s portrayal of that era, perhaps the characters in this advertising-focused series took their inspiration from the alcohol advertisements of the time.

Gathering together a collection of the best alcohol ads from the 1960–1970s, Retronaut highlights the strong, suave gent who likes a neat tipple for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, which, of course, will in turn pull a lady’s interest for that evening’s swill.

From the smooth Canadian officer and sleek intellectual to the Manhattan man in his after-hours garb, model your double-breasted stylings and easy confidence on these boozy lads, but perhaps reserve their alcohol habits for after hours.


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