A journey to the inspirational moustache

A journey to the inspirational moustache

There was a time when sporting a moustache was only acceptable for porn stars, pool cleaners and Tom Selleck.

Nowadays, a patch of well-groomed facial hair resting comfortably on a gent’s upper lip is far more de jour. Extolling the wonders of facial hair, The Inspirational Moustache is a literary triumph that humorously charts the redux of moustaches amongst hipsters, supported by illustrations, photographs and clever anecdotes.

Whatever you like to call it – the soup strainer, the lip tickler or the slipped eyebrow – chances are there’s a moustache that will add a whole new dimension to your demeanour, be it sleazy, sinister or civilised. This little book will tell you how to craft that perfect pencil, walrus, antenna, Fu Manchu, or handlebar moustache, amongst many others, with some of history’s most distinguished moustachioed men highlighted as icons.

With Movember only seven months away, now’s the time to start your preparations so that your face foliage is in full swing come November 1.

The Inspirational Moustache is available at TITLE in New Farm.

Image of Salvador Dali via The Impossible Cool.


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