A close shave thanks to the Headblade

A close shave thanks to the Headblade

Just as it’s not really appropriate to use a softball in a game of rugby, it’s always best to use products that are designed specifically for the job, which is especially true when it comes to personal grooming. For men with a penchant for a smooth scalp, you need no longer rely on conventional razors. Instead, try your hand at The Headblade – a razor created solely for shaving heads.

For men ready to rock the look Bruce Willis made famous, the Headblade is specifically designed to roam the contours of the head and not only works like a dream, but its design (like a slick mini-lawnmower) was named by TIME Magazine as one of the ‘Ten Best Designs’ of the year.

Designed to avoid nasty paper cuts, the razor sits in the palm of the hand and makes the fingers the handle of the blade, in order to create more control. With in-built suspension, it touches the head in two places in comparison to the conventional razor, which touches just one. To avoid a Sweeney Todd moment, avoid putting any weight on the handlebars as it will just put unnecessary pressure on the blade.

The Headblade comes in two versions – the original Ghost Razor or the Sports Style Razor. To accompany your new ‘do, the company has also created a range of pre and post-shave solutions to ensure your scalp is silky smooth to the touch. The Headblade is available for purchase online or at PUREMAN.


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