30 Stories in 30 Seconds: let’s hear it for the boys

Autumn/winter fashion has truly arrived at Westfield Carindale, and The Weekend Edition was lucky to get a special behind-the-scenes look at the season’s latest fashion trends. To give you a little wardrobe inspiration, we’ve teamed up with Westfield Carindale and in-house stylist Annabel Falco for our four-part series, 30 Looks in 30 Seconds. Annabel has selected 30 looks to reflect each of the season’s four biggest trends for men and women, which we’ve captured for you in a quick 30 seconds. So pour yourself a coffee, hit play and start taking note of what you, or your beau, will be wearing this autumn and winter!

Series two is dedicated to the dapper gent, curating 30 full-outfit menswear looks to take him from a casual autumn picnic to a suave winter soiree. Whether you’re shopping with your bae or you’re just one of our male readers (oh hey there!), we’ve got outfit ideas to take you the whole way through the cooler months.

This autumn/winter is all about layers – think button-up shirts with down vests, shawl-collar knits thrown over a casual tee, jumpers draped over shoulders and denim-on-denim looks. Who ever said men’s clothing wasn’t versatile? It’s easy to mix and match too – roll your chinos with sneakers and a tee by day, and pair them with boots, dress shirt and jacket come night. For a more formal affair, don sharp Prince of Wales chequered suits, bold-patterned shirts … and don’t be afraid to rock a bowtie. Choose your favourite look from our menswear edit of the best new-season buys at Westfield Carindale.

Our readers voted for their favourite look and these are the results …

Look 1: Check Mate
Look 1: Check Mate 52
Look 2: Oliver with a Twist
Look 2: Oliver with a Twist 20
Look 3: Althletic Eyes
Look 3: Althletic Eyes 12
Look 4: Hamptons Winter
Look 4: Hamptons Winter 62
Look 5: Weekend at the Cabin
Look 5: Weekend at the Cabin 26
Look 6: Sport Luxe
Look 6: Sport Luxe 14
Look 7: Dark Denim
Look 7: Dark Denim 47
Look 8: Relaxed Metro
Look 8: Relaxed Metro 46
Look 9: Ageless Autumn
Look 9: Ageless Autumn 21
Look 10: Autumn Edge
Look 10: Autumn Edge 30
Look 11: Rusty Sailor
Look 11: Rusty Sailor 14
Look 12: Cool Casual
Look 12: Cool Casual 30
Look 13: Comfort Calling
Look 13: Comfort Calling 7
Look 14: Stripes Up
Look 14: Stripes Up 8
Look 15: Street Suave
Look 15: Street Suave 23
Look 16: 70's Suave
Look 16: 70's Suave 9
Look 17: Rustic Charm
Look 17: Rustic Charm 15
Look 18: Sunday Brunch
Look 18: Sunday Brunch 23
Look 19: Calm Khaki
Look 19: Calm Khaki 6
Look 20: Crisp Cool
Look 20: Crisp Cool 30
 Look 21: Country Gent
Look 21: Country Gent 19
Look 22: Denim on Denim
Look 22: Denim on Denim 7
Look 23: Weekend at the Manor
Look 23: Weekend at the Manor 20
Look 24: London Calling
Look 24: London Calling 31
Look 25: Socks Required
Look 25: Socks Required 9
Look 26: Shades of Grey
Look 26: Shades of Grey 21
Look 27: Stock and Bonds
Look 27: Stock and Bonds 17
Look 28: Blue Dapper
Look 28: Blue Dapper 51
Look 29: Blue Steel
Look 29: Blue Steel 22
Look 30: Shaken not Stirred
Look 30: Shaken not Stirred 19

Look 1: ‘Check Mate’ by Country Road

Look 2: ‘Oliver with a Twist’ by Scotch & Soda

Look 3: ‘Althletic Eyes’ by lululemon althetica

Look 4: ‘Hamptons Winter’ by Saba

Look 5: ‘Weekend at the Cabin’ by JAG

Look 6:‘Sport Luxe’ by lululemon althetica

Look 7: ‘Dark Denim’ by JAG

Look 8: ‘Relaxed Metro’ by Country Road

Look 9: ‘Ageless Autumn’ by JAG

Look 10: ‘Autumn Edge’ by JAG

Look 11: ‘Rusty Sailor’ by Scotch & Soda

Look 12: ‘Cool Casual’ by Country Road

Look 13: ‘Comfort Calling’ by lululemon althetica

Look 14: ‘Stripes Up’ by Saba

Look 15: ‘Street Suave’ by Scotch & Soda

Look 16: ’70’s Suave’ by Scotch & Soda

Look 17: ‘Rustic Charm’ by JAG

Look 18: ‘Sunday Brunch’ by JAG

Look 19: ‘Calm Khaki’ by JAG

Look 20: ‘Crisp Cool’ by JAG

Look 21: ‘Country Gent’ by Country Road

Look 22: ‘Denim on Denim’ by Country Road

Look 23: ‘Weekend at the Manor’ by Male Manor

Look 24: ‘London Calling’ by Saba

Look 25: ‘Socks Required’ by Scotch & Soda

Look 26: ‘Shades of Grey’ by Country Road

Look 27: ‘Stocks and Bonds’ by Male Manor

Look 28: ‘Blue Dapper’ by Saba

Look 29: ‘Blue Steel’ by Saba

Look 30: ‘Shaken not Stirred’ by Male Manor

Model: Ben Day
Stylist: Annabel Falco
Photographer: Carl Lindgren 


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