Grow Zucchini flowers in your vegie patch

Grow Zucchini flowers in your vegie patch

Summertime is the perfect time to grow hot-weather vegetables. Zucchinis and their bright edible flowers are one of these warm-soil lovers, so now is a great time to gather your seedlings and get your own vegie patch started.

Zucchini plants grow up to around 40 cm tall. To create an ideal environment for your seedlings, plant them 40 cm apart and spray with an organic fungicide to prevent powdery mildew growing on the leaves. Some varieties with a modest spread are ideal for growing in pots, producing an abundance of yellow cylindrical-shaped fruit that is both productive and visually effective.

Plant your seeds in soil that has been improved with plenty of manure and after about one month you will be watching your flowers form in great anticipation. A few weeks later small fruit will begin to appear, and from the second month onwards you can start daydreaming about what gourmet delicacy you can create with them in the kitchen.

Zucchini flowers are especially delicious stuffed with tasty fetta and fried in a good oil such as coconut oil. But remember, you won’t get the vegetable if you pick the flowers, so the choice is yours! Alternatively, if your green thumb isn’t up to scratch or you’re eager to let your flowers fruit, you can wander the stalls at your local market this weekend in search of these precious blooms.

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