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Find simple, flavourful zaatar at Saj & Grill

A dried-herb blend of sesame seeds, oregano, marjoram, sumac, sea salt and cumin, zaatar (or za’atar) is a spice mixture used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Often sprinkled over meat, vegetables and salads, when mixed with some evoo, this crunchy, flavoursome seasoning turns into an exotic accompaniment to a fresh loaf of bread. Each country of origin has its own blend, with each family guarding their recipe close, often not even passed down from mother to daughter. Zaatar can also be spread on authentic Lebanese Saj bread prior to baking. Try the Zaatar Herb bread with oregano, thyme and olive oil or the Zaatar Special with additional tomato, cucumber, olives, labneh and mint at Saj & Grill at South Bank. Or buy a pre-oiled tub of evoo and zaatar mix from Sourced Grocer, Teneriffe.

Image via Visit South Bank.


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