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Create your perfect muesli with Yousli

Founded by frustrated home-muesli maker Paul Findlay, Yousli lets breakfast eaters get creative concocting their perfect blend of muesli.

The process of making your own Yousli commences with picking one of four bases – whether Classic, Gluten Free, High Fibre or Cinnamon & Whole Grains. These bases feature ingredients like organic oats, spelt, buckwheat, chia seeds, puffed quinoa and amaranth, sesame seeds, pepitas and sunflower seeds. Next up you can add up 12 ingredients from a range of grains, nuts and dried fruit. These are added per scoop, with multiple scoops of a single ingredient also possible if you just really love eating a bowl bursting with something like pomegranate seeds. Add a handful of activated buckinis and almonds, pistachios, dried mulberries and incaberries, toasted coconut or linseed and give your preferred mix a name so you can come back for the same blend next time.

The website even delivers you an accurate nutritional chart depending on your ingredients of choice, so you can monitor sugar percentages and the overall energy per serve. The brand also offers pre-made combinations, with the current chef-devised creation from Shane Delia featuring goji berries, barberries, pomegranate, dates, rosewater, cacao nibs, figs, almonds and walnuts amongst a range of seeds and gluten-free grains. You can also choose from already devised recipes of Activate Almond Bircher, Guilt-Free Granola or Ginger Barberry and Macadamia muesli. If you’re based in Melbourne you can opt to pick up your order locally, or Yousli delivers nationwide.

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