The Weekend Series: warm up with some hearty winter cocktail recipes

The Weekend Series: warm up with some hearty winter cocktail recipes

We’ve already broken out our jackets and winter hasn’t even officially arrived. Good thing we’re prepared. We’ve already enlightened you to some divine belly-warming eats and clued you in to some chill-proof cottages, now it’s time to sit back and sip on something that will spread warmth throughout the rest of your soul. It’s pointless having a liquor collection if you’re not interested in forming a solid repertoire of cocktails, and not all cocktails need to be minimalist concoctions. Winter is about indulgence, baby. If you’re looking to snuggle up on the couch next to someone special or simply want to unwind with a nice drink after a long day, these winter cocktail recipes are just the ticket.

Honeycrisp Hot Buttered Rum
Hot buttered rum? More like, hot buttered yum. Sorry, but this one is a real treat for anyone looking to warm their bones this winter period. Be wary though, this cocktail involves creamed butter and sugar, so this is particularly indulgent.If you like apple pie, you’ll love this drink – it boasts a bunch of diced apples for the syrup. Combining the apples, cinnamon, water and honey is all that’s needed for the syrup, while the buttered rum is a bit more intensive. The potion fuses various winter spices, brown sugar, unsalted butter and dark spiced rum into a sublime liquid which, when mixed with the syrup, creates a heavenly potion. Garnish with cinnamon sticks and apple slices.
Image: Yes to Yolks

Werther’s Hot Toddies
Hot Toddies are a staple of winter libations. The mixture of whisky (or rum or brandy, if you prefer), hot water and honey is as simple as it needs to be some times, but we’re looking to impress, remember? This decadent drink gives the classic drink a sweet upgrade by adding melted Werther’s Originals, cinnamon and caramel into the mix. Simply melt down the candies in some water with cinnamon sticks, add a splash of liquor and pour into a glass with a lemon wedge. Oh, but before you do that, dip the rim on the glass in some caramel and sprinkle some crushed Werther’s Originals for a sugary hit.
Image: Delish

S’mores Martini
Most camping adventures aren’t complete without enjoying s’mores around a blazing campfire. This cheeky libation gives you the wholesome feeling of toasting pillowy clouds over the fire without leaving the comfort of your own home. The S’mores martini is an adult interpretation of the campfire classic, made by combining marshmallow vodka, chocolate liqueur, crème de cacao, cream, melted chocolate, Graham crackers and marshmallows into a heady mixture. Dip the rim of a martini glass into the melted chocolate and coat in crushed Graham cracker. Fill a cocktail shaker with the liquor and shake with ice until chilled, then pour the concoction into the glasses. For the finishing touch, spear some marshmallows and toast them as a garnish.
Image: Hungry Couple NYC

Hot Ward 8
Although we’re sorely tempted to go overboard on the dairy during winter (it’s just so comforting) it’s important to pack a bit of citrus in where you can. This warm spin on the classic Ward 8 cocktail should do the trick, packing a zesty oleo-saccharum syrup with a mixture of rye whisky, unsweetened pomegranate juice, dry orange curacao and Angostura bitters. Simply toss lemon and orange zests together with sugar, muddle let sit overnight, then when it’s cocktail time, pour the whisky, hot water, juice curacao, bitters over the syrup and then strain into a pre-warmed thermos.
Image: Serious Eats

Hot Mulled Apple Cider Sangria
Mulled wine is a winter staple, just like sangria is a summer favourite. What do you think of pairing the two? Sounds pretty good to us. This interesting take on mulled wine (or sangria if you look at it the other way) asks us to combine wine, cider, honey, rum, apple slices, clementine zest into a large pot or slow cooker, warming up the mixture while toasting various spices in a small pan. Once the spice mixture is toasted, toss it into the wine mixture and let simmer over low heat. After 30 minutes, pour it into some earthy mugs, garnish with apple and clementines and enjoy.
Image: The Crumby Kitchen

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