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Not just the shops – must-try dishes from this southside dining hotspot

Long gone are the days when a trip to your local shopping centre meant scoffing down the nearest food court delicacies to keep yourself sustained – Westfield has totally changed the game when it comes to providing dining options that are a standalone reason to visit the shops. Southsiders, prepare to salivate – we’ve curated a list of must-try dishes at Westfield Garden City that are well worth seeking out.

Chicken teppanyaki from Kamikaze Teppanyaki 
What’s better than a meal with a side of theatre? Kamikaze combines the pure spectacle of teppanyaki with a stellar range of the freshest ingredients, creating an experience you won’t forget in a hurry. Go for the chicken teppanyaki and get a fruity mocktail on the side.

Peking duck from Yum Cha Cuisine
Yum Cha is all about choices, but sometimes what’s best is a sure-fire classic. The peking duck from Yum Cha Cuisine is a true delight that lives up to the restaurant’s Chinese fine dining reputation – and it’s got that all-important crispy skin.

Laksa from PappaRich 
Hawker-style food is always a winner, which is one of the many reasons hungry patrons flock to PappaRich. For those not in the mood to share, we would recommend going for a laksa – choose from chicken, vegetable or seafood varieties topped off with tofu puffs, foo chok (beancurd skin), bean sprouts and eggplant.

Almond croissant from Le Bon Choix
When it comes to baking, the French really know their stuff – so if a delectable pastry is what you seek, Le Bon Choix will satisfy the urge. The almond croissants are a must-try – think flaky, buttery pastry filled with generous lashings of almond paste.

Vietnamese beef noodle soup from PH by Pho Hung 
There’s nothing quite as satisfying as slurping on a bowl of soup. To get your fill in a flavourful fashion, head to PH by Pho Hung and order the Vietnamese beef noodle soup – the slices of rare beef floating in a 24-hour cooked secret stock will have you doing a happy dance.

Zucchini noodles from Vapiano
Are you a carb addict that can’t seem to step away from the spaghetti? Vapiano has got your back – this fast-paced, high-quality Italian joint has recently given diners the option to swap out pasta options for zucchini noodles – so you can enjoy your favourite sauces without the extra carb indulgence.

Crispy soft shell crab in curry sauce from Kinn Thai
It’s hard to go past Kinn Thai and not get drawn in by the heady aroma of traditional spices and sizzling meat. If the lure proves too strong, be sure to order the crispy soft shell crab in curry sauce – the textures and flavours combine for a total sensory treat.

Salmon nigiri from Sushi Edo
Sushi Edo is popular for a reason – if you’re after fresh, affordable and delicious bites, this mainstay will always have your back. You can’t go wrong with the salmon nigiri with fresh avocado – it’s like heaven in a mouthful.

Protein pancakes from Perks Kitchen
There’s something for everyone at this accommodating cafe, but why not try something different? Order yourself a stack of protein pancakes with hokey pokey ice-cream topped with fresh berries and maple syrup – this is a breakfast game changer, friends.

Authentic nasi lemak from Lemak
When it comes to comfort food, nobody does it like the Malaysians. Lemak specialises in authentic Malay cuisine cooked with traditional methods, so why not try the national dish of nasi lemak? Feast on fragrant rice cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaf, served with fried chicken, fried anchovies, fried peanuts, hard-boiled egg, cucumber slices and daily house-made spicy sambal.

Combo meal from BBQ Empire
Tucked inside the bustling 8 Street dining precinct, BBQ Empire is constantly grilling the most succulent seafood and tasty meats around. Go for a combo meal cooked fresh to order with a grilled meat and grilled seafood option each, then your choice of side (go for the tofu rolls) and drink.

Bi Luo Chun green tea from Comebuy
If you think that all tea is created equal, think again – Comebuy makes its tea bases fresh to order as opposed to using pre-brewed or powdered tea. We’d recommend the Bi Luo Chun green tea – it’s brewed through a Teaspresso machine making it speedy without compromising on its sharp flavour.

Gnocchi from Corbett & Claude
Gnoc gnoc. Who’s there? One of the most delicious dishes you can get your hands on! With four choices of sauce including pesto cream and bolognese, the pillowy soft gluten free gnocchi at Corbett & Claude is the stuff dreams are made of.

Semi-Pro coffee from Foster & Black
Real talk – finding a good coffee in a shopping centre can feel like a serious task. If you’re jonesing for a caffeine hit mid-spree, be sure to make tracks to Foster & Black – this little gem serves up perfectly brewed cups of joe from local roaster Semi-Pro Coffee.

Fresh bliss balls from Go Vita Raw Pantry
If you’re not in the mood for a meal but you need a quick boost of energy, Go Vita Raw Pantry can sort you out with its range of fresh bliss balls. These tasty treats are made from wholesome ingredients and will hit the sweet spot without maxing out your calorie count.

A classic tart from Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart
For those of you who haven’t tried a Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart before, please rectify this immediately. These heavenly little parcels use three different kinds of cheese to achieve their unique flavour, striking the perfect balance between sweet and savoury.

The namesake dish from Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken
In case the name didn’t give it away, Hot-Star is all about the cluckin’ good stuff. When they say large, they mean large ­– these pieces of poultry are approximately the size of a human face. Each piece is tender on the inside and coated in a flavour-filled crumb before being fried to perfection.

Frutti waffles from Oliver Brown Belgian Chocolate Café
Got a sweet tooth that needs satiating? We’d suggest the frutti waffles from Oliver Brown Belgian Chocolate Café – think perfectly toasted waffles topped with generous helpings of fresh strawberries and banana, finished off with a scoop of ice-cream and drizzled with hot melted chocolate … drool much?

A classic schnitzel and chips from Schnitz
When it comes time to get schnit-faced, there’s only one name you need to recall – and that’s Schnitz. In our opinion you can’t beat the original – your choice of a chicken, beef, fish or vegetarian schnitzel pan-cooked to golden perfection, served with a side of seriously addictive chips.

Unagi rice bowl from Aburi Kitchen
Delicious Japanese food is all about the flavour, and Aburi Kitchen knows how to nail the perfect balance. For something a bit different, try the unagi rice bowl – choose your base of rice, salad, fried rice, ramen or yakisoba and then top it with fresh unagi (that’s eel, in case you didn’t know, but trust us on this one).

This piece was created with our good friends at Westfield. 

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