From paella to pretzel doughnuts – taste your way around the northside with these mini food trails
From paella to pretzel doughnuts – taste your way around the northside with these mini food trails

From paella to pretzel doughnuts – taste your way around the northside with these mini food trails

In case you missed it (or moved to Mars), you’re probably across the fact that Westfield Chermside has undergone some pretty significant changes in the past year – with the one we were most excited about being the plethora of amazing new dining options. With so much delicious food to try, it can get overwhelming to decide where to eat – which is where we come in. We put on our best stretchy pants to taste our way around Westfield Chermside, compiling three killer food trails across burgers, international cuisine and dessert – it’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it.

The Globetrotter

Hermosa: Fancy a jaunt to Spain on your food trail? Hermosa’s fare will take you there – think bountiful share plates of tapas, bright and flavourful paella and flowing sangria that are perfect for a gathering with pals.

Fiery Deli: If you’ve never ventured into the rich and delicious world of South American cuisine, let the team at Fiery Deli educate you. Arepas (think taco/burger hybrid), empanadas, plantain fritters and more await you – so open yourself up to the world of flavour!

Landmark Yum Cha: When it comes to Chinese food, the Landmark team has got it down pat. What’s not to love about carts of succulent morsels being wheeled right to your table? Dine on dim sum and dumplings from the yum cha selection or feast on a banquet fit for royalty.

Kinn + Derm: Authentic and delicious Thai cuisine abounds at Kinn + Derm, a lively neon-lit eatery that will transport you to the streets of Bangkok. Feast on tantalising traditional dishes like pad Thai, cashew nut noodles, crispy soft-shell crab and more.


Nice Buns

Betty’s Burgers: When it comes to a burger food trail, it would be remiss of us not to mention the Noosa favourite serving up some of the best buns in town. We’d recommend the Betty’s Classic, and be sure to add pickles and bacon to make it a deluxe.

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken: If chicken is your thing, the best-selling B.F.F Burger will have you clucking with delight – think a succulent crispy chicken chop topped with house-roasted garlic sauce and button ‘shrooms.

The Sporting Globe: So you think you can handle the big leagues? If you like your burgers stacked, The Sporting Globe will cater to your mighty hunger. We’d recommend taking on the Grand Slam 2.0 – Australian grass-fed beef, pulled pork, smoked cheddar, curly fried bacon, onion straws, sliced pickles and salad make for a damn good combo.

Ivy & Lark: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not treat yourself to a morning burg? Ivy & Lark’s breaky burger will have you feeling very chipper, with smoked bacon, a soft fried egg, local greens, American cheese and red pepper jam nestled together on a brioche bun. 


Sweet Tooth

Savour: With a name like Savour, you can guess that this food trail spot is all about indulgence. Although the stunning selection of eclairs are a treat just as they are, we can’t go past the concept of an eclair sundae – take one of the fabulous flavours and load it up with soft serve and toppings (looking at you, fairy floss and brownies).

The Bavarian: A beerhaus might not be the first place you think of to grab a sweet treat, but hear us out here – can we tempt you with the likes of a pretzel doughnut? The Bavarian has a rad little dessert menu to complement its mammoth savoury options, so be sure to save room at the end of the night.

Casa Cibo: Italians know more than a thing or two about great food, so it makes sense to visit Casa Cibo to satiate your sweet tooth. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill desserts – think tiramisu profiteroles, lamington panna cotta and limoncello tarts all made with the best and freshest ingredients.

CocoBliss: Dessert can be indulgent without blowing out your healthy eating plans. The nice-cream bowls at CocoBliss will have you scratching your head trying to figure out how they’re so good (both in taste and nutrition) – choose from flavours like choc chip cookie, caramel sundae, boysenberry and mango Weis.

This piece was created with our good friends at Westfield Chermside

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