Warm up with porridge at Symposium Cafe, Five Sisters, Cup

Warm up with porridge at Symposium Cafe, Five Sisters, Cup

Goldilocks was pretty particular when it came to the type of porridge she ate. Though we gather the first two she tasted weren’t lavished in toppings of poached fruit, dollops of honey and sprinkles of spices, making the final flavoursome bowl a sure winner. The Weekend Edition went in search of Brisbane’s best porridge and this is what we found …

Symposium Cafe

Nestled in the back end of Fortitude Valley, Symposium Cafe delivers an all-day breakfast-meets-lunch menu and an impressive juice list. The Sticky Fig Porridge served with crushed walnuts, honey and sweet spices is the Papa Bear deluxe option of the porridge world, with the chunky rolled oats heavily coated in warming cinnamon and nutmeg.

Five Sisters Art House Cafe

Down a laneway in South Brisbane, Five Sisters Art House Cafe serves Greek treats made from recipes handed down for generations in the five sisters’ family. With a winter warmer porridge option currently on the menu, duck into this Mediterranean cafe for milky oats topped with fresh bananas, apple, honeydew, rockmelon, cinnamon and honey. They even have Zymil, soy and almond milk on hand for the lactose-intolerant porridge enthusiast.

Cup Specialty Coffee

Sometimes the simplest ingredients can put the cherry on top. And in the case of the homemade porridge at West End coffee connoisseurs Cup Specialty Coffee, it’s the right combination of spices with a caramelised apple and date compote that makes this hearty bowl of porridge worth getting out of bed for.

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