From Mexico to Queensland – Volando is the new tequila in town calling the shots

From Mexico to Queensland – Volando is the new tequila in town calling the shots

There are many countries around the world to thank for our favourite alcoholic spirits – Russia and Poland for vodka, the Caribbean islands for rum, Holland for gin, Scotland and Ireland for whiskey and, of course, Mexico for tequila. Tequila tends to invoke strong feelings in its drinkers – some love it in a margarita, others prefer a straight-shot approach. If you consider yourself a lover of the spirit, we have some pretty darn exciting news to share …

A new brand of tequila fusing Mexican tradition and Australian inspiration is about to launch in Queensland – Volando Tequila. Volando is the innovative work of four passionate Australian men who’ve spent nearly 18 months conceptualising the brand, travelling back and forth from Mexico on a spirited mission to bring the true flavours of tequila to Aussie drinkers. After visiting nearly ten different distilleries in search of the perfect partner for their authentic aspirations, the crew settled on a distiller that has operated for three generations, one that sourced the finest produce for the product from the Golden Tequila Triangle – home of the world’s best blue agave fields. Volando has a simple ambition: to create a tequila that people enjoy drinking. Understanding that our Australian palettes are used to cheaper tequilas (the ones typically downed in haste between salt and lemon), this spirit aims for more enjoyable consumption. They want drinkers to experience tequila Mexican style – to create flavours smooth in texture and rich in taste. A drink that can be sipped, savoured and appreciated.

There are four flavours of Volando Tequila to sample. First up is Blanco – a clear spirit rested no more than 60 days to produce the rawest taste of agave with scents of caramel and fruits. Altered slightly from the traditional Blanco base is Reposado, barrel-aged for 11 months, adding subtle wood influence on bold, earthy agave flavours. The super-smooth Cristilano fuses the other two – barrel-aged for three years and refined for crisp agave and dominant Blanco notes. The final flavour is Extra Anejo, ultra-aged for discerning aficionados with strong caramel, oak, toffee and agave flavours. Volando Tequila will officially launch with a party on December 22 at Pier 33 in Mooloolaba. Whenever you get a chance to sample Volando, don’t forget to sip it at a slower pace and savour the flavours crafted in Mexico and brought to Australia.

For more info, head to the Volando website.

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