Game changer – you can now snag Viennetta ice-cream on a stick

Game changer – you can now snag Viennetta ice-cream on a stick

Have you heard the word? Like the fashion of the ages (including, unfortunately, low-rise jeans), all of our favourite 90s foods are having a comeback. From classic tuna melts to Dunkaroos and now, perhaps our favourite nostalgic dessert of all, Viennetta. Now, we can have our cake and eat it too – on a stick! Thanks to grocery giant Coles, we can now wrap our lips around mini Viennetta ice-creams. Praise be.

For those who weren’t around in the 80s and 90s, Viennetta is a luxurious frozen dessert that was usually only purchased for the finer occasions in life. This textured treat is synonymous with fancy dinner soirees, birthday bashes and, of course, Christmas and New Years celebrations. Now, you can reintegrate this icy sweet back into your life in mini form as Coles is now stocking Viennetta-style ice-cream on a stick.

The Mini Vienna Vanilla sticks are quite literally like a mini-me version of the beloved party classic. They have the same scrumptious layers of creamy vanilla ice-cream and chocolate, but now you don’t have to miss out on seconds because these bad boys are single serve and come in packs of five. We also saved the best news for last – a pack of Coles Mini Vienna Vanilla ice-creams will cost you a mere $5! We know what we’re having for dessert.

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