High-flying fine diner Vertigo is now serving elevated eats at Brisbane Powerhouse
High-flying fine diner Vertigo is now serving elevated eats at Brisbane Powerhouse

High-flying fine diner Vertigo is now serving elevated eats at Brisbane Powerhouse

There’s a new restaurant that has foodies talking. It’s not the food or beverage list that they’re raving about, it’s the setting. It’s a rooftop restaurant, which we love, but one unlike any other in town. Vertigo is Brisbane Powerhouse’s new vertical restaurant, which hangs four storeys above the ground. Guests are harnessing up to dine, first swallowing the heart in their throat before enjoying a three-course feed from Bar Alto with a side of sensational city views. Here’s what you can expect …

Dinner with a view. It’s a classic combo that’s hard to beat, but Brisbane Powerhouse is taking it to new extremes (or, in this case, heights) at Vertigo – its brand-new Brisbane-first vertical restaurant concept. You’ve probably heard about Vertigo by now, seen it on socials, or perhaps have spied it in action as you’ve wandered from stall to stall at Night Feast. Perched at the precipice of the Powerhouse’s iconic brick facade is a custom-built dining rig boasting eight tables of two. This strip of tables is Vertigo in its entirety. Guests must don harnesses before clipping in for a two-hour sitting, during which they’ll take in sweeping views of the city skyline and carefully devour fare made by the crew at Bar Alto, all while their feet dangle 17-m above ground. “Vertigo is unlike anything else in the world, it is an unexpected combination of adventure tourism and fine dining on a heritage site,” says Brisbane Powerhouse CEO and artistic director Kate Gould of the experiential concept. “Stepping off the roof of Brisbane Powerhouse to take a seat suspended at your table, four stories above the ground, will be the ultimate thrill.”

No doubt you have questions. That’s understandable – we’ll try and answer the most-pressing ones. First, is it safe? You bet it is – Vertigo is built and operated in partnership with outdoor tourism operator Riverlife, co-founders of the Story Bridge Adventure Climb, so they know how to deliver ‘elevated’ concepts. Second, can you take personal belongings with you? Knocking your phone off the edge of the table will not only be catastrophic for your mobile’s structural integrity, but might also be a perilous proposition for those walking below. Thankfully, you’ll be provided a strap to keep your camera secure while you get pics of the view. That said, you’ll have to empty your pockets and store bags and other belongings in a secure locker before dining. Third, what about the tableware? You’ll be provided unbreakable plates and cutlery, the latter will be attached to the table so those with butter fingers can breathe easy. Fourth, what about the bathroom? We suggest making sure you use the bathroom before gearing up. Finally, what’s on the menu? We’re glad you asked. The Bar Alto team is delivering a tidy three-course menu for Vertigo diners to enjoy, including the likes of burrata with heirloom tomato, basil and aged balsamic, brodetto (a form of fish stew with bay bugs, king prawns, mussels, calamari and saffron broth) with brew sourdough, and bonet – a northern-Italian dessert boasting Piedmontese chocolate caramel custard, hazelnut biscotti. Vegan and vegetarian options are also available. While you must present to your booking with a blood-alcohol content of zero, once seated you’ll be able to enjoy a glass of wine during dinner, and a champagne, beer, wine or soft drink post-descent. Speaking of which, diners have the option of participating in an end-of-meal dropline, if they fancy an adrenaline-fuelled abseil exit.

More details regarding the Vertigo dining experience (and the all-important booking info) can be found on the Vertigo website.

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