Meet a friendly face for coffee at Urban Grind, Paddington

Meet a friendly face for coffee at Urban Grind, Paddington

There’s something satisfying about taking the time to sit in a cafe and sip your coffee while catching up with friend. In the busy lives that this modern-day delivers, something as simple as sitting peacefully for as little as 30 minutes can restore a sense of calm and allow you to better take in the tales of those around you.

Offering more than just a great cup of coffee, Urban Grind in Paddington’s Upper Latrobe revels in providing a space for people to come together over their morning cup and the wonderment that can stem from such an inviting setting.

Owners Morgan and Rachel delight in learning their customers’ names and orders, joining in on conversations, all the while preparing perfect coffee.

With the hot weather sticking around, try a cold slow-brewed coffee with a dash of milk alongside their famed muesli.

Puppy is welcome to tag along to breakfast too, with bowls of water set out in the ‘dog parking’ pet corner. Many a friendly pat and adoring gaze will ensue.

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