Forget Goon of Fortune – wine in a bag goes classy with Tote Wines

Forget Goon of Fortune – wine in a bag goes classy with Tote Wines

It’s almost a rite of passage for any newly 18-year old Australian to encounter the likes of Golden Oak Fruity Lexia or Sovereign Point. We quickly move on from cask wine as we progress through life, but wine in a bag is about to make a comeback in a big way. Tote Wines is bringing some sophistication to the table with a range of premium drops in a special 1.5 litre pouch. Ditch the cardbordeaux – Barossa Valley’s finest is now available in bag form. Just don’t think about pinning it to the Hills Hoist.

Wine drinkers – the future is now! Gone are the days where wine in a bag received the scorn of your friendship circle. Now, pouch wines are increasing in quality as evidenced by new kid on the block – Tote Wines. Tote Wines has been invented to provide discerning drinkers with an easy-to-transport option, ditching the heavy glass bottles for ease of movement from picnic to party. The totes are quick to chill, and boast a carbon footprint one fifth the size of a glass bottle. Each pouch is recyclable and lightweight, making it easy to stuff in a backpack or picnic hamper.

Currently two options are available for purchase in cartons of six 1.5-litre pouches – a Barossa Valley shiraz and an Eden Valley sauvignon blanc. The shiraz reportedly boasts some stellar chocolate undertones, with a peppery intensity and spicy mid palate, while the sauvignon blanc offers a fresh aroma of lemon and lime with a zesty pear finish. In the coming months Tote Wines will be releasing a divine rosé variety and will also allow single pouch purchases. If you are eager to get your hands on a few Tote Wines before your next social engagement, head online and order a bunch quick smart.

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