Tippler's Tap, Newstead

Craft beer joint Tippler’s Tap opens in Newstead

Home to Chicago-style comfort food and a hefty selection of craft beer is the newly opened Tippler’s Tap at Newstead. With its official opening this Friday night, Tippler’s Tap is an exciting new addition to the boutique-brews scape, pulling a rotating, un-contracted curation of 10 tap beers and (currently) 72 bottles.

On the solo hand-pull tap at the moment is locally made Bacchus Brewing Co.’s Double Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. A medley of wines and ciders is also available, but it’s the beer that the boys are most passionate about. Quality is the first and foremost priority with top-notch local and imported beers coming from all different countries – from Sydney’s 4 Pines to Read Seal Ale from the North Coast of California.

Chicago native Brian Kennedy is the brain behind Tippler’s Tap, and has paired up with Carl Rhodes – formerly of West End’s Nectar – to run the homely neighbourhood bar. A comfortable and relaxed interior is shaped by lots of wood, workers cage lights and wilderness murals. Brian had a rule of no stainless steel and no plasmas when he began the fit-out back in April, meaning the dimly lit drinking den is now a reflection of the ultimate bachelor cabin nestled deep in the woods, with arcade games and a pinball machine to keep the mind active.

Smooth sounds of Chicago’s The Loop online radio station sway overhead and the menu is real-deal American. Think hot dogs served with mountains of onion, gherkin relish, American mustard, tomato, cucumber, dill pickle, sport peppers and a sprinkle of celery salt. Sliders of decadent pork belly and caramel star anise , or haloumi, mushroom and beetroot marmalade also tempt tastebuds, while Grandma Kennedy’s Chili served with Leavain organic sourdough sounds like a palate pleaser, as do the Buffalo Wings accompanied by blue cheese sauce, celery and black sesame.

With the logo a design-savvy mesh of the three kinds of tipplers – a gentlemanly swill, a rail car and an endurance racing pigeon – Tippler’s Tap continues the theme with Vlad, the styrofoam pigeon, overlooking the discreet yet hearty times that are bound to kick off at the new locale this weekend.

Tippler’s Tap
22 Masters Street, Newstead
Open: Tuesday to Sunday 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

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