True blue – Australia finally has a beer brand called Tinnies

True blue – Australia finally has a beer brand called Tinnies

The Australian vernacular is a vast and beautiful thing – through a collective love of nicknames and shortening every word possible, we’ve managed to create a lexicon that is entirely our own. One of the most beloved words in our language is ‘tinnie’ – as soon as someone says it you can practically hear the crack of the pull-tab, feel the ice-cold exterior and taste the crisp brew encased within. It’s only natural that someone would see the golden opportunity to name an actual beer brand after this beloved term, and it’s finally happened – make room in your esky for Tinnies.

The Tinnies brand is pretty much a personification of the word itself – it’s instantly recognisable, punchy and effortlessly casual (whilst still maintaining its credibility as a delicious product). Brewed in Melbourne by the masters at Brick Lane, this range of easy-drinking beers provides a perfect potion for your summer-time sessions, bringing a more casual aspect to the craft-beer scene. The bold, bright tin designs are another talking point, with Sydney street artist Alex Lehours behind the striking print on the Tropical XPA can. The Pale Ale represents the moving tides of the brewery pipelines, while the Session IPA visuals evoke the sensorial experience of drinking a delicious brew.

When it comes to flavour, the three Tinnies offerings showcase unique but classic profiles. The Tropical XPA is true to its name, giving off citrusy aroma of mango, lychee and pineapple with a crisp hoppy finish and low bitterness. The Session IPA brings forth flavours of citrus and pine with a punchy hop-driven finish and a decent amount of bitterness. Finally, the classic Pale Ale offers stonefruit, pine and citrus characters that perfectly balances its bitter and biscuit-y flavour profiles.

Want to crack one of these Tinnies for yourself? You can find these choice brews at Vintage Cellars, Liquorland and First Choice Liquor.

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