Alba Bar and Deli | Brisbane's best wine bars
Fried-chicken dispensaries and Spanish-inspired laneway bars – The Weekend Edition team's top Brisbane City picks
Fried-chicken dispensaries and Spanish-inspired laneway bars – The Weekend Edition team's top Brisbane City picks
Taro's Ramen | Brisbane's best ramen | The Weekend Edition

Fried-chicken dispensaries and Spanish-inspired laneway bars – The Weekend Edition team’s top Brisbane City picks

Brisbane City is jam-packed with delicious dining and drinking destinations – sometimes it seems so much so, that you don’t even know where to begin! To help you make your choice on where to rock up for a long lunch, after-hours cocktail or evening feast, we at The Weekend Edition have put our noggins together to offer you some of our favourite Brisbane City spots on a platter. Here are our humble opinions …

Alba Bar & Deli
Sitting pretty on Burnett Lane is where you’ll find Spanish-inspired tapas bar Alba Bar & Deli, my personal favourite watering hole in The City. From the laidback vibes to the lip-smacking libations and the salivation-inducing nosh – in my humble opinion, the crew at Alba can do no wrong. If you’re hungry, pair your tipple of choice (mine’s a 50 Locks – Davidson plum gin with coconut, yuzu and lemon) with the El Pozo Serrano Reserva jamon served with a warmed baguette, confit garlic and house butter. You can also make your way through the bar’s curated selection of sessionable beers, Spanish wine and cider. Also, don’t skimp on the house-marinated olives. From there, move on to Death & Taxes to continue taste testing top-notch cocktails.
– Sara, Editorial Assistant

Funny Funny
If you’re looking for an inexpensive, personality-laden spot to take your crew for dinner, Funny Funny truly has all of your bases covered. The Weekend Edition team has spent many a late night ordering plates of crispy Korean fried chicken, shallot pancakes, beers by the bucket and peach soju directly to the table, surrounded by the glimmer of neon lights and ebbing revelry of nearby groups. It’s no coincidence that almost every patron of Funny Funny is grinning from ear to ear – the combination of great food, cheap booze, lively atmosphere and relaxed vibes makes for a perfect evening out. Bonus tip – when you’re done dining and feel sufficiently merry, kick on to the Coin Karaoke booths next door in Burnett Lane.
– Georgia, Digital Media Specialist

Walter’s Steakhouse
The last time I went to Walter’s, I didn’t hold back. I was seated in one of the steakhouse’s cushy red-leather booths, with a veritable feast arrayed before me and my dining companion. Throughout the evening I sampled dry-aged beef tartare, pan-fried cheese-and-potato pierogis, French fries and some freshly baked bread with cultured butter and Walter’s steak sauce – and that was only the beginning. The main event saw us tackle one of Walter’s famed house specialty porterhouse steaks, which itself was orbited by satellite sides including creamed spinach, green beans and a serve of Dutch potatoes. By this point we were breathing heavy, but we weren’t done. To finish, we split a slice of warm pecan pie coated in multiple scoops of schlag, otherwise known as whipped cream. I still dream about this feast. It ranks among one of the most indulgent culinary experiences I’ve savoured to date – I’d go again in a heartbeat!
– James, Assistant Editor

Taro’s Ramen
When it comes to ramen in Brisbane, Taro Akimoto is the OG. Opening his first restaurant more than a decade ago, Taro made it his mission to bring Australia’s best ramen, using the best produce and the best techniques, to Brisbane – and in my personal opinion, he’s done just that. Located at 480 Queen Street, Taro’s Ramen’s city joint is a little removed from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, but boy is it worth the walk. The team crafts every component of its ramen from scratch, from the luxuriously silky noodles to the mouth-coating umami-packed broth, paired with the likes of Bangalow Sweet Pork and perfectly gooey local free-range eggs. A sucker for a classic, my pick is the tonkotsu ramen with extra black-garlic oil, with a side of lotus root chips or BSP Belly Bits Sprouts – that’s little pieces of pork belly and bean sprouts marinated in homemade chilli sauce. You won’t regret it.
– Chrisanthi, Managing Editor

The Maillard Project
Any venue that has a multi-paged menu just for the coffee selection alone is the place for me. Whether you’re a coffee novice, aspiring snob (hello, let’s be friends!) or bona fide barista, there is a single-origin coffee on the menu that is right for you. Be taken on a coffee voyage as the friendly staff present you with dry grounds for smelling and piping hot cups of delicious coffee for, you guessed it, drinking. But it’s also a judgment-free zone if you’re just after a flat white to go. Coffee may be the hero, but that’s not to say I don’t leave well fed either. With dishes including miso scrambled eggs, cauliflower saffron risotto, beef-cheek ragout and rotating monthly specials, The Maillard Project serves up an international smorgasbord for breakfast, brunch and lunch. You can catch me there on weekdays caffeinating clients or on weekends catching up with friends.
– Meredith, Senior Account Manager

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