The Stores Grocer unveils Queensland's first refillable wine dispensary
The Stores Grocer unveils Queensland's first refillable wine dispensary

The Stores Grocer unveils Queensland’s first refillable wine dispensary

The Stores Grocer in West End was already the stuff of turophile’s sweet, delicious dreams thanks to a dedicated cheese room crammed with over 150 different blocks, chocks and wheels sitting pretty alongside delightfully fresh seafood, artisanal cured meat and no less than 20 different varieties of olives. What more could you ask for? Well, foodie friends, the fine folk at The Stores Grocer have upped the ante on sustainability and convenience, unveiling a refillable wine bottle station so now it truly is a one-stop shop. Go ahead, take all of our monies.

In what is believed to be a Queensland first, The Stores Grocer has pioneered a refillable wine dispensary. At present, there are three easy-to-drink everyday wines on offer including a dry mid-weight verdelho (white), a crisp cabernet sauvignon rosé and a medium-red blend with sultry aromatics, spice, cinnamon and floral fruits to take your fancy. There are whispers of a fourth on the horizon (full-bodied red, anyone?) so keep your peepers peeled for that tasty tipple. The small-batch grape juice is blended locally by Master of Wine (dream job alert!) Peter Scudamore-Smith however it is anticipated the selection will rotate regularly so there will always be something new and exciting to sip.

So, how does it work? Glad you asked! Essentially it’s a closed-loop system where first-time wine purchasers buy the venue’s French-designed glass bottle complete with Vinolok closure for $12 to then fill with their desired drop. Once you’ve consumed the contents, simply bring it back and refill to your heart’s content. The bottles are designed to last, ultimately reducing the impact on the environment so really, when you think about it, you’re doing a good thing by drinking The Stores Grocer’s plonk. One-litre of wine will set you back $20, so if you enjoy simple, easy-to-drink wines that taste like happiness in a glass, then you’ll love The Stores Wine Dispensary. If you’re keen to get sipping, check out our Stumble Guide for The Stores Grocer’s opening times.

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