The Sneaky Bucha of Byron combines the goodness of kombucha with the greatness of beer

The Sneaky Bucha of Byron combines the goodness of kombucha with the greatness of beer

By now you’re probably well across boozy ‘buch (alcoholic kombucha, for those who are a little late to the party) but now there’s a new player that has combined the goodness of kombucha with the greatness of beer. Friends and fellow sippers, allow us to introduce you to the Sneaky Bucha of Byron.

Although it may sound like the title of a horror film, the Sneaky Bucha of Byron may in fact be a dream come true for kombucha lovers and beer drinkers. The boozy creation has combined everything you like about kombucha (gut-healing enzymes and what not) with everything you love about beer. The result is full strength, full taste and approximately 25 percent lower carbs than regular full strength beers – so it’s a little win in a tin, according to the brew’s co-founder Cam MacFarlane. The Sneaky Bucha of Byron has been hailed one of the world’s greatest drinking innovations and look, it’s a bold claim and we’re not here to make any judgements, but given kombucha is the fastest-growing beverage category in the country, it kind of makes sense.

Produced by the Kombucha Brewing Co. in partnership with Stone & Wood, the Sneaky Bucha blends a range of beer styles with the Original Bucha of Byron kombucha to create an easy drinking and very sessionable sip that boasts a kind of a shandy taste with a kombucha kick. The Sneaky Bucha comes in three beer styles including an XPA for the in-the-know drinkers, an easy-drinking lager and a refreshing Summer wheat beer. Keep an eye out for Sneaky Bucha of Byron at BWS and Dan Murphy’s stores and bring on guilt-free summer sipping!

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