The round-up: Brisbane's biggest food challenges

The round-up: Brisbane’s biggest food challenges

For some people eating is more than a way of stopping hunger, it’s an opportunity to push the boundaries of what a human being can stomach. From the immense, to the fiercely spicy, food challenges can be a great way to earn bragging rights among mates as well as being a unique way to enjoy local cuisine. If you feel like to might be up for a challenge, try ticking off a few of these Brisbane food challenges – it’s no easy task.

A touch of spice…
The old adage ‘if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen’ has been updated slightly in modern times. These days it runs more along the lines of ‘if you can’t handle the heat, stay away from Yard Bird’s Death Sentence wings’. These super spicy bites pack more than a punch, and very few brave eaters can eat enough to earn a spot on Yard Bird’s storied leader board. The record number stands at 39 wings in 12 minutes – a tally that would make any eater with an iron gullet sweat. Should you want to put your tastebuds through further punishment, Clayfield’s wingBlaster boasts the Vlad the Inflamer Hot Wing Challenge, where patrons must eat six wings in six minutes plus endure a six minute after-burn in order to get a picture on the Wall of Flame, six free wings (should you still be hungry) and a Vlad t-shirt. Over in Wellington Point, Off The Wall Diner claims to make the world’s hottest burger. After donning gloves, brave souls must endeavour to finish the fiery beast without resorting to liquid in order to have their name etched into the annals of food challenge history.

The bigger the burger…
Perhaps spice isn’t your thing – maybe you are more inclined to see how much you can fit in your belly before it bursts. If this sounds like you, head to Ze Pickle for the patty challenge. Consuming this mind-boggling monument to meat is no easy feat, as the goal is to beat the previous patty record in one sitting (it currently sits at 15). If you like the sound of tackling a tower of beef, you can do it again with the Big Kay’s Challenge at Miss Kay’s in the City. If you can finish the Big Kay’s burger and side of dirty fries in 15 minutes you are crowned burger champion. Chur Burger has constructed its own meaty monstrosity for the Chur Burger Challenge, which has been deadlocked at 16 patties for more than six months. The Brew Master’s double double beef and bacon burger is a new entrant on the challenge scene, but packs a meaty mouthful – not for the faint of heart.

Larger than life…
If you are feeling peckish, Ribs & Rumps invites you to Meat Your Match – chow down on a 1kg rump steak, 1 rack of barbecue ribs and chips in one hour to win a jumbo steak knife and addition to the honour roll. Take Jack’s Challenge at Outback Jacks and inhale a 1kg rump, wedges and veggies in half an hour and score yourself a victory t-shirt. Jindalee’s My Pho Bar is home to the pho superbowl challenge, where serious eaters tackle 800g of pho, 800g of toppings and a veritable bathroom sink full of beef soup – finish it in 60 minutes and you will score a full refund. Sunnybank’s Ramen Champion is aptly named because you will feel like a champion after polishing off a giant bowl of ramen. Only 10% of challengers finish the entire bowl, meaning it’s one of the toughest meals in town. Slice Pizza in West End has long hosted its own challenge with its mega pizza offering – 36 slices of your choice of topping – which is free if you manage to fit it all in.

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