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The round-up: wrap your laughing gear around Brisbane's best burgers
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The round-up: wrap your laughing gear around Brisbane’s best burgers

Look, it’s time to put something to rest. There is no such thing as burger fatigue. Want to know why? The hamburger has been around for more than a century, which means that in one hundred years no one has decided that burgers were over. Burgers are a staple of casual dining across the globe. Meat patties, fried chicken, and tempura eggplant – any filling is fitting on a burger because a burger doesn’t limit itself (except for, you know, the two bun situation). If you’ve been looking for a definitive list of Brisbane’s best burgs, here is a whopping list of ‘WOW’-inducing handfuls for you to get your mitts around.

Ben’s Burgers: Let’s start with a bona fide star. Ben’s Burgers in Fortitude Valley and West End has been dominating taste buds with its no-frills approach to the classic hamburger and cheeseburger. To really get the best experience we suggest adding maple bacon to your burger with a side of fries and special sauce. You won’t regret it – trust us.

Chur Burger: Another Fortitude Valley staple is Chur Burger on Constance Street. Patties of top-quality beef, pork, lamb and even fish are lovingly layered on soft buns and topped with fresh ingredients. Try to tackle the delicious lunacy of The Chur Beast, which boasts double grilled beef, double bacon and double cheese (best to book in for a double bypass while you are at it).

Charboys: Fans of Charboys in the Brisbane CBD claim that this joint makes the closest thing to iconic American chains such as In-N-Out Burger and Five Guys. Succulent patties, cheese, tomato, lettuce and onion – this is proof that the best works of art are made with a smaller palette of colours.

Ze Pickle: This Gold Coast-bred operation has made its name by pushing the boundaries of what a burger can be. The mad scientists in the Fortitude Valley kitchen stack the likes of smoked beef brisket and mac’n’cheese, truffle buttered grilled mushrooms, fried cheese sticks and maple bacon and Doughnut Time doughnuts into Ze Pickle’s burgers, which are as tasty as they are formidable.

Neil Perry’s Burger Project: At the base of South Point (and soon to be in Brisbane City as well), Neil Perry’s Burger Project offers 14 hand-crafted burgers made from natural locally sourced ingredients, with beef cut, minced and rolled on site. If you like the sound of fast food with slow-food values, make tracks to Burger Project.

Red Hook: Few cities in the world do burgers better than New York City, which is why Red Hook is upfront about where it draws its influences from. The Grandmaster Flash, Brooklyn Cheeseburger, Uptown Funk and Shaolin Soul burgers are all winners, which means you can be too if you eat here.

Miel Container: We can’t give you a proper suggestion for what to order at Miel Container, because you get free reign of your burger’s composition. Choose from beef, chicken, fish or veggies then go crazy with toppings of your choice. Want onion rings, egg and dill mayo on your burger? At Miel, if you can dream it, you can do it.

Lucky Egg: When it comes to fried chicken, Lucky Egg is at the peak of the finger lickin’ mountain. The original crispy with slaw and buffalo crispy chicken burgers are to die for, but don’t sniff at the vegi crispy – the tempura-fried eggplant steak topped with American cheddar is a winner for anyone looking for a meat-free option.

Miss Kay’s: Anyone seeking a taste of some quintessential American burger artistry should take a seat at Miss Kay’s table. Head to the Brisbane City or Mitchelton locations and order some of the drool-worthy options like the Ludakrisp fried-chicken burger, the Mac Daddy with mac’n’cheese, the Poutine Burger or the Austin Flowers with spiced tempura cauliflower.

Remy’s: Kicking back on a sunny Sunday in Paddington is a common pastime of ours, made even better when we do it at Remy’s. The burgers here are top notch, with several unique choices sharing menu space with the classics. The pork belly, cabbage and kimchi burger and the jerk chicken with Caribbean salsa are worth investigating, but don’t be ashamed if you find yourself back in the arms of the double pattie and bacon cheeseburger.

Getta Burger: West End, Clayfield, Ashgrove, North Lakes and Capalaba are just a few suburbs that been caught up in Getta Burger mania. The popular franchise boasts a veritable menagerie of choices, from 12-hour smoked brisket burgers, double beef patty and fried mozzarella sticks, pulled pork and bacon topped with fries and more.

Just Poppy’s: Riverhills is home some of the city’s best burgers – 69 of them, in fact! There are rib-fillet steak burgers, meat-free burgers, hamburgers, and burgers with chicken, lamb, pork and fish. You will be forgiven for lingering longer on this menu, but rest assured that there is no wrong choice.

Hello Harry: Those who frequent Hamilton’s Portside precinct have been raving about the burgers at Hello Harry. Freshly baked brioche buns are layered with quality produce across a concise menu of winners. If the sound of Louisiana pulled pork, Middle Eastern chickpea, Texan brisket, crispy pork belly and Queensland barramundi burgers are giving you the belly rumbles, then say g’day to Hello Harry.

Super Combo: Who’d have thought that video games and burgers would go together so well? The team at Super Combo thought so, obviously. This Street Fighter-themed burger joint serves a range of burgers that pack a punch, with a fully operational Street Fighter arcade to play while you wait for your choice.

Biggie’s Burgers: Why leave the house for a burger when you can have the feast brought to you? This burger project is notorious for offering some fat stacks – and by that we mean fat, stacked burgers. If you live around Bulimba then you should fire up your UberEATS app and have a browse.

Fritzenberger: This venue celebrates the timeless romance between burgers and fries with a menu worthy of the pairing. A menu of classic burger varieties (like beef with aged cheddar, smoky pulled pork and Southern-fried chicken) is met with loaded fries tipped with toppings such as Twisties salt, candied bacon and more.

DA’Burger: For some of us, the bigger the burger the better it is. If you hold a similar mindset then you need to get your hands around one of the burgs from DA Burger in New Farm. These bad boys are big and have an attitude to match – hunger has no chance here.

Burger Time 69: When pangs of hunger strike, you don’t need to look at your watch to know that it’s burger time. Bulimba’s Burger Time 69 annihilates hunger with a menu of stacked offerings and plenty of sides.

Mr Burger: The only thing that can make a burger better is to put it on wheels and make it mobile. Mr Burger is one of Brisbane’s most popular food trucks currently making the rounds, cooking up American-style burgers and iconic Trucker Chips (fries loaded with cheese, diced bacon and sauce).

MooFree Burgers: Vegans are amply catered for by MooFree Burgers, which operates on a ‘no meat, no worries’ mantra. Patties are made from the likes of black beans, pulled jackfruit and more, and also feature fake bacon and vegan cheese to top.

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co: Okay, so this one isn’t open just yet, but pretty soon we’ll have not one, but two Betty’s Burgers in Brisbane. We cannot wait and can assure you that these burgs belong on this list already.

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