The Grocer: Sobrasada Sausage

The Grocer: Sobrasada Sausage

Move over frankfurters, there’s a new sausage in town. It’s meatier, tastier and is unlikely to be found half eaten at a kids’ birthday party.

Hailing from the Balearic Islands, the sobrasada sausage is a cured, but spreadable meat, characterised by a smooth, melting texture and pleasant smokiness. Made traditionally from the meat of the black Balearic pig, sobrasada is seasoned with punchy paprika (hence its bright red/orange innards), stuffed into casings, then hung lazily in the open air for between one and eight months, depending on its size and shape. As a rule, this tasty Spanish snag should measure at least four and a half centimetres in diameter.

While it looks like a regular sausage from the outside, sobrasada’s inner texture is more like a soft pate. When eaten on its own, it is usually spread on toast and drizzled with a sweet accompaniment, like honey or apricot jam. But thanks to its mildly spicy flavour, it also lends itself quite well to pasta sauces and risottos. Want to give this Spanish delicacy a whirl? No doubt you’ll find it at many of Brisbane’s best charcuterie hot-spots.

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