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The Grocer: Elderflower

A common staple at summer garden parties across England, elderflower is considered to be as British as a batch of scones served with clotted cream and a pot of tea.

While the Brits adore elderflower – the delicate petals of the elderberry plant – it can also be found growing in woods right across the chilly climes of Europe, coming in to season in the months leading up to summer. The delicate flowers have a delicious floral flavour, making them suited to sweet applications in the kitchen. They are most commonly used to make cordial, which is sold ready-made at supermarkets and grocers, and can also be used to flavour jelly, cake, sorbet, fritters and whipped cream.

The dainty little flowers are said to pack a mighty medicinal punch, containing anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties that can be handy for relieving symptoms of hay fever and colds. As elderflowers prefer cooler climates, they are also used in Scandinavian cooking – try making this Elderflower Cured Trout for dinner, and serve it on your finest Marimekko crockery.

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