The Grocer: Chamomile

The Grocer: Chamomile

The properties of this daisy-like plant make for a healthy herbal concoction. As the winter flu strikes many, being creative in the kitchen with chamomile might have more benefits than you’d imagine.

Familiar to many as a relaxing tea variation, chamomile has been used as a traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Known to settle stomachs and reduce feelings of anxiety, chamomile is a popular herbal remedy used commonly today. When brewed into a tea, chamomile can help ease rheumatic issues and as a digestive aid and as an essential oil chamomile is calming and can help to induce sleep and muscle relaxation. While touted as a highly beneficial plant, chamomile is often overlooked in the kitchen as a useful ingredient. A bit of chamomile can add unique flavours to a variety of meals once one is comfortable using it.

First things first, you should learn how to brew a great pot of chamomile tea. There are several recipes online for the perfect cuppa, but be sure to experiment and try some that suit your palette. If you love to entertain, invite your guests for morning tea and treat them to some strawberries with chamomile cream and some lemon-chamomile shortbread. Get creative in the kitchen at dinner time and impress your guests with some seared sea scallops with chamomile beurre blanc or halibut with marinated chanterelles and chamomile. Should someone in your household come down with a cold or flu treat them to some throat-soothing ginger chamomile popsicles or for the adults, some bourbon and chamomile cough syrup. As the weather warms, why not whip up some chamomile-ginger iced tea.

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