The Grocer: Buddha's Hands

The Grocer: Buddha’s Hands

It might not be a life-like representation of Buddha’s hands, but this zesty yellow citrus possesses long fingers that are thought to bring luck to those who eat them.

A flesh-less, seedless fruit that tastes just like lemon rind, Buddha’s hands can be pressed to extract oil, cooked in confectionery and even used in cosmetics. Chinese homes have often hung this digit-like fruit from the ceiling, as both a natural air freshener and a token for good luck.

Before it fruits, the Buddha’s hands tree looks like a lemon tree, with the fruit ripening from dark green to yellow. When you’re choosing the perfect Buddha’s fingers, look for bright yellow fruits that should keep for about two weeks at room temperature – and will emanate a fresh aroma in your kitchen. You can find Buddha’s fingers at Standard Market Company and Rocklea’s Brisbane Markets. The trees can be purchased from Chillingham Bush Tucker in northern New South Wales and Boyds Bay Garden World, nearby in Tweed Heads.

For a refreshing summer’s sip, you can slice up the fingers and add them to cold water or soda water. You can also add slivers to savoury dishes as you would lemon rind – try stirring it through steamed broccoli or adding it to roast meats. The fruit is also ideal for candying, and will work nicely in your Christmas baking.

Once you get your hands on these tasty phalanges, you can try making Buddhacello (a twist on limoncello), flavour some salt with it, use it to dress a salad, create a tangy marmalade, or candy it to add to your panettone or Christmas pudding recipes.

Image via Tokyo Bling.

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