the gourmet belle, brisbane

Extend your palate with The Gourmet Belle

Stemming from a passion for food, wine and travel and a need to share her foodie discoveries, Rebecca Hope left her job as a procurement specialist for the government to pursue her dream of making The Gourmet Belle a reality.

A space for lovers of epicurean delights and vintage grapes to come together, The Gourmet Belle breaks down the intimidating barriers that can sometimes surround gourmand products and makes them more readily available to the blossoming foodie.

Home to a unique wine circle, The Gourmet Belle demystifies wines, uncovering boutique grapes that can’t be found at the bottle shop up the road. As part of the wine circle, a package will arrive on your doorstep filled with a selection of ever-changing wines sourced from small Australian and international wineries.

Reframing the act of taking a meal as an experience, rather than a necessity, The Gourmet Belle lets you dip your toes into the realm of elite eats, extend your palate, and earn your grape brownie points at the same time.

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