Constructive hospitality – The Brick Bar set to pop-up in Brisbane

Constructive hospitality – The Brick Bar set to pop-up in Brisbane

We love hearing about new bricks-and-mortar watering holes, but this one really takes the ‘brick’ aspect to a whole new level. A new building block-themed pop-up bar is slated to arrive in town this autumn and while details are scarce, the inner child within us is already jumping with excitement.

If you’re old enough to enter a bar, chances are you’ve left your Duplo or Lego days far behind you. Some of us still hold a soft spot for the iconic toy building blocks, some have recurring nightmares about stepping on stray pieces while barefoot, and some might have passed on their collection to kids of their own, reliving their childhood vicariously. No matter how you feel about it, chances are you’ve never before associated building blocks with social drinking. Until now. The Brick Bar is a new pop-up concept that will be doing a tour of several Australian capital cities, putting an adult-friendly spin on the on the iconic building block.

Although not affiliated with Lego, The Brick Bar (which is reportedly the first of its kind) will bring one million interconnecting blocks to Brisbane. This fortune’s worth of bricks will be assembled into a bar and a range of sculptures, with plenty of leftover blocks for patrons to build their own creations. Details on the bar’s offering are being kept close to the chest for now, but we know that DJs will be on hand to provide the ambience and that tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. To register your interest, head to The Brick Bar’s website.

The Brick bar is the pop-up formerly known as Legobar.

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