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The round-up: Brisbane’s ten best cafes as voted by you

Aside from the wheel and maybe the Internet, the cafe may very well be one of the best inventions of the modern age. We’re exaggerating, of course, but it’s only to stress how huge Brisbane’s cafe scene has become over the past decade. Every suburb boasts its own collection of brunch havens and coffee nooks to take advantage of – it’s hard for us to pick one as the best. That’s we decided to pass the buck to you – our valued readers. Thousands of you turned out to crown the best cafe in town in the 2016 EAT/drink Awards, and now we are going to reveal the list of spots that you thought were worthy of your patronage.

Co-winner: Little Loco
In 2016 we were lucky enough to crown two winners in the Best Cafe category. New Farm cafe Little Loco shared top honours this year thanks in no small part to its fantastic menu that features the likes of savoury waffle eggs benedict, chorizo and cauliflower hash and breakfast panna cotta. Yeah, we can definitely understand the hype!

Co-winner: Morning After
The second of our esteemed joint winners is the ever-reliable West End hub Morning After. If we were to hazard a guess, some of the key reasons for Morning After’s popularity could be the breakfast carbonara, the blueberry vanilla hotcakes and the ham hock with manchego cream. If it’s not any of those, then maybe it’s the sublime coffee from 5 Senses and Uncle Joe’s.

Runner up: The Jam Pantry
When it comes to the EAT/drink Awards, there is absolutely no shame in being a runner up. It was a dead heat once again for the silver, with Greenslopes cafe The Jam Pantry earning a nod. The flipping board menu lists an ever-changing array of dishes including rosemary batter pancakes with poached quince, venison eggs benedict and taleggio and sopressa omelettes. 

Runner up: Wild Canary
Brookfield’s Wild Canary proves that the outer suburbs have also got the goods when it comes to brilliant cafe fare. With an ethos based around sustainability, Wild Canary draws upon the local agricultural bounty to source herbs, fruit and vegetables from its own gardens and nearby farms. Dishes like coconut milk tapioca pudding, quinoa and fermented cabbage Buddha bowls and mushroom medleys have received your stamp of approval this year.

Billykart Kitchen
A perennial favourite amongst Brisbane brunch munchers, Billykart Kitchen has been an EAT/drink Award mainstay for years. Proving that it is still one of the best cafes in town, De-Arne Wicks and Ben O’Donoghue’s eatery is still earning rave reviews for its Aussie Asian eggs, the BKK heuvos rancheros and crispy corn fritters.

Lady Marmalade
Situated in a sunny spot in Stones Corner, Lady Marmalade has long been a popular spot to enjoy a weekend nibble, so its inclusion is well deserved. The biggest issue we have with Lady Marmalade is that its menu has almost too many great options to choose from. With the likes of the lamb moussaka pie, vegan gumbo and smashed peas pancetta available, you can probably understand the conundrum! No complaints from us, though.

Southside Tea Room
If you can find a more charming cafe in town, we’d like to see it! Morningside’s Southside Tea Room blends a ramshackle and eclectic aesthetic with a brunch menu of seriously good eats. The breakfast burrito is a stand-out option, but we have a hard time ignoring the gingerbread pancakes, classic grilled cheese and the life-saving Hangover Helper.

The Smug Fig
One of East Brisbane’s leafiest and most spacious cafes has been a success from day one, but the team at The Smug Fig is rarely smug about it. The cafe’s new menu features some incredible creations such as churro French toast, rice pudding waffles, American-style potato hash with pulled pork and much more.

Little Clive
Annerley has become a hub for dynamo brunch dining, and Little Clive deserves a lot of credit for the suburb’s new reputation. The all-day breakfast menu is something to behold, plating up the likes of peanut butter and jelly pancakes, hot-smoked trout omelettes, dark chocolate chia pudding, and croissant French toast. With a menu like this, it’s not hard to see why Little Clive is highly praised.

Best new cafe: Blockhouse Eat + Drink
It’s no secret that Nundah has established itself as one of the most exciting and fastest-growing foodie suburbs in town and Blockhouse Eat + Drink is a big contributor to that boom. With a considered and composed approach to brunch, Blockhouse quickly earned a reputation for plating up some top-notch nosh. Maple-cured bacon steaks, Spanish chorizo, lobster benedict and Irish cream panacotta with choc-hazel malt – the menu reads like a beautiful brunch dream that we never want to wake up from.

Runner up: Lokal + Co
If the sound of crispy pork belly with kimchi omelette, apple pie waffles, potato and leek pakoras and black rice coconut congee sounds like a damn good time, pull up a chair at West End’s Lokal + Co. This neighbourhood cafe features a strong Nordic influence, which yields some incredibly creative (and delicious) fare.

Runner up: Extraction Artisan Coffee
When it comes to java, the team at Extraction Artisan Coffee is as well versed as any joint in town. Serving only the best specialty-grade coffee, Extraction nails its pour every time – leaving no doubt as to why it made this list. In addition to the coffee, there is a stellar brunch menu offering the likes of pumpkin rosti, vanilla-cured salmon with lime labneh and bacon burritos.

Best Institution Cafe: The Gunshop Cafe
This one almost needs no explanation. If you haven’t had a feast at West End’s The Gunshop Cafe then you can’t call yourself a local. Thankfully the team at The Gunshop isn’t as judgemental as us – they’ll welcome you in to try its iconic potato and fetta hash cakes, pork, apple and sage sausages, and Tiger Prawn omelette any time.

Runner up: Anouk
Paddington has long boasted a lineage of top-notch cafes and Anouk has anchored that selection for what seems like forever. If it’s breakfast you want, you’ve come to the right place. Anouk plates up belly pleasers such as creamed sweetcorn croquettes, shakshuka, slow-cooked duck and herb omelettes, five-spice breakfast mince and much, much more.

Runner up: The Three Monkeys Coffee and Tea House
It’s tea time all the time at The Three Monkeys Coffee and Tea House in West End, which houses a plethora of cosy nooks and garden seating to settle in to from morning until evening. Coffee, tea, dessert and even a range of savoury eats are on offer to munch on, and a warm atmosphere that you’ll have a hard time leaving.

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