Live out your goth dreams with this colour-changing black gin

Live out your goth dreams with this colour-changing black gin

To suit 2020’s dark and stormy (in other words, emo) mood, New Zealand booze-makers Scapegrace have created the world’s first colour-changing black gin. Taking sippers on a trip to the dark side, Scapegrace Black Gin is one other-worldly potion that is worthy of a spot on your bar cart.

Created by New Zealand-based distillers Mark Neal and Daniel McLaughlin, Scapegrace Black is infused with a botanical blend of plants, flowers and berries, encompassing the likes of aronia berry, saffron, butterfly pea flower, pineapple and sweet potato. These ingredients work together like a high-school science experiment to create the naturally black berry-tasting booze. To make the gin change colours, just add tonic (or your preferred mixer of choice) and this magical concoction will begin to change pink, purple or sometimes blue (much like Violet Beauregarde) depending on the PH levels of your drink.

When released late last year to our Kiwi friends, the gin sold out in around 24 hours – so if you’re feeling lucky, we suggest heading out now to try get your hands on a bottle. You can find Scapegrace Black Gin up for grabs at select grog shops. In the meantime, scoot on over to Scapegrace’s Instagram page to check out the colour-changing tipple in action.

Image credit: Scapegrace

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