Same Same Honey Smacks with honey-roasted puffed grains, acai and banana parfait
Another Bloody Avo with Danish fetta, whipped garlic, toasted pepitas and greens on sourdough
Chow down on classic cafe cuisine with a twist at Corinda’s Same Same But Different
Same Same fruit salad
Pablo Diabolo with haloumi, potato, sour cream and chive hash cake, slow-roasted pork, avocade, spiced fried eggs and green mole
Chow down on classic cafe cuisine with a twist at Corinda’s Same Same But Different

Chow down on classic cafe cuisine with a twist at Corinda’s Same Same But Different

If you’ve ever smacked your lips in satisfaction after gobbling up a plate of Bare Bones Society’s honey smacks, then get set to salivate all over again. Kym and Jade Machin have opened up a brand new cafe in the heart of Corinda, wooing long-time fans and newcomers with a host of Bare Bones Society classics with some tongue-tantalising twists

Despite moving from the bustling world of fine dining to a slower-paced cafe culture, chef Kym Machin (ex-Urbane) never lost his desire to experiment with flavour and ingredients. Seeking to spread his wings beyond the confined space of Bare Bones Society’s kitchen, Kym and his life and business partner Jade sought about securing a space for a new cafe – one that would maintain their record of offering stellar classic fare for those who love their favourites, while allowing Kym to indulge in his experimental side with an ever-changing menu. Situated in a corner location off Oxley Street in Corinda, Same Same But Different is the realisation of Kym and Jade’s ideas. Boasting high ceilings and plenty of room to move, the breezy space has been fleshed out with a smart and sophisticated selection of custom furnishings with a minimalist colour palette.

Regulars that frequent Bare Bones Society will find some familiar flavours on the menu, including the honey smacks and the avocado with Danish fetta, but Kym has tweaked both with new ingredients. When it comes to brand-new creations, Kym and Jade are encouraging patrons to try something different with the likes of the Pablo Diabolo (sour cream and chive hash cakes with slow-roasted pork, spiced fried eggs and green mole) and the Morning Glory (mandarin, camu camu and basil sorbet, aerated yoghurt, kefir jelly and fruit). Over in the lunch portion of the menu diners can opt for fresh salads, burgers and a few sweet treats. Like Bare Bones Society, Same Same But Different supplies coffee from Toby’s Estate in addition to cold-pressed juices by Evolve Organic and kefir probiotic drinks from Happy Gut Organics.

Acquaint yourself with the new tastes and flavours as soon as you can. Head to the Stumble Guide for contact details and opening hours.

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