The Weekend Series: yes way rosé – five bottles for under $25

The Weekend Series: yes way rosé – five bottles for under $25

We don’t mean to harp on about rosé (just kidding – we do, it’s awesome), but with the weather being as warm as it is we think it’s vitally important that everyone knows that rosé is the best drink to unwind with this summer. While there is something special about sipping some fine wine at any of Brisbane’s hippest haunts, it’s hard to beat cracking a bottle at a dinner party or summer barbecue. We’ve taken the liberty of picking five delectable rosés that you can grab for a song at your local bottle-o.

twe-triennesTriennes Rosé Provence – $23
The rosés of Provence have earned much praise worldwide, so it was only natural we started with one from the renowned French region. Harking from a sloping vineyard east of Aix en Provence, Triennes Rosé Provence has a bouquet of strawberries and white flowers with hints of vanilla, and is the perfect drop for a balmy summer afternoon. You can pick a bottle up from The Wine Emporium and still have change from $25.

twe-la-plancheliereLa Planchelière Cabernet d’Anjou Rosé – $13
Sourced from the Loire Valley in central France, La Planchelière’s Cabernet d’Anjou Rosé is an award-winning rosé from one of the most renowned areas of wine production in the country. Those with a seasoned schnoz will be able to pick up hints of red berries and smoke, but anyone with a tongue will be able to quickly ascertain that this one is easy to drink thanks to its sweetness and lingering finish. Dan Murphy’s stocks this bottle for roughly $13, which is great value if you ask us.

twe-cote-des-roseGerard Bertrand Côtes des Roses Rosé – $20
Another great imported rosé comes from France’s coastal Mediterranean region. Gerard Bertrand’s Côtes des Roses has crafted a rosé that draws upon the warm climate, with a fresh quality influenced by the sea and sun. The soft pink hue moves towards an orange colouring over time, and the bouquet offers notes of summer fruits, cassis and redcurrant. The flavour is persistent and full, and the bottle itself is striking with its rose-shaped base. You can nab a bottle for $20 from Dan Murphy’s now.

twe-arfion2016 Arfion Pinot Rosè – $25
Moving to Australia, Arfion makes its wines in the heart of the Yarra Valley and it has crafted a winner with its highly regarded pinot rosé. This textured drop offers spicy red berry and creamy aromas, as well as a dry flavour palette with hints of pomegranate and red apple. You can nab a bottle for $25 from Arfion’s own online store, or you can pick it up at Red Hill’s Craft Wine Store. If you only want a taste, Arfion wines can be found at e’cco, Esquire, Il Centro and Pearl Cafe.



Two Italian Boys Sangiovese Rosé – $14
Italy’s reputation for producing great food and wine is storied. Even though it is based in Australia, Two Italian Boys has strong roots in Italy, and the winery makes it its mission to produce bottles with traditional Italian winemaking practices. Two Italian Boys produces a rosé that is vibrant pink in colour and seduces noses with an aroma of wild strawberries and orange blossom. The palate is refreshing and silky smooth, perfect to enjoy chilled when the temperature rises. Fetch it for only $14 from Dan Murphy’s.

Honourable Mentions: Salsa Grenache Mataro Shiraz Rosé ($18), Bertaine et Fils Rosé, BK Saignee Rosé ($22.50), Unico Zelo Rosato ($21.60)

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