Tastes like love – Rainbow Beer launch a bold campaign for marriage equality
Tastes like love – Rainbow Beer launch a bold campaign for marriage equality

Tastes like love – Rainbow Beer launch a bold campaign for marriage equality

Since 2011, the gang from Rainbow has been making our lives that much sweeter by providing us with delicious beer on tap exclusively at West End bar The End. Turns out that Rainbow is not content with just making a killer brew – in a move that’s in very good taste indeed, the company has come forward loud and proud in support of marriage equality. This isn’t just a token gesture – as of today, Rainbow has kicked off an incredible campaign that aims to spread the message of love to bars and homes all around Australia.

Let’s be honest – Australia’s global reputation on the marriage equality front isn’t exactly the greatest. We are lagging behind on an issue that is kind of a no-brainer – that love is love and should be recognised, no matter what your sexuality. This stagnation on an injustice that realistically should have been done away with long ago is what spurred Nick Goding, Timothy Lovett and Ben Johnston (the minds behind the brews) to step up and offer a tangible show of support to those folks who are being denied a basic right. Rainbow has launched a Pozible campaign that aims to raise both funds and awareness for the fight for marriage equality, with the end game being able to generate enough revenue to make a financial show of support as well as an emotional one.

Since it kicked off, the Rainbow production has been kept to just a few kegs per week. This campaign is angled towards putting Rainbow into bigger-scale production, offering cartons and wholesale orders for bars around the country. It will even be available for home purchase, so you can knock back the goodness of the crisp, German-style pilsner from the comfort of your couch. Once the Pozible goal is reached, Rainbow will continue to donate 50 percent of profits from sales directly towards initiatives run by Australian Marriage Equality.

The campaign has a target of $100,000 to reach by Friday May 12 – if you like the taste of equality, you can pledge your support here. Cheers to that!

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