Pringles puts up a $10k prize for one person who can guess its new Mystery Flavour

Pringles puts up a $10k prize for one person who can guess its new Mystery Flavour

In the realm of potato-based snacks, Pringles has made a worldwide name for itself due to its superior flavour combinations – after all, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that once you pop you simply can’t stop. Over the years the iconic brand has released many lip-smacking limited edition flavours, from chicken salt to Texas barbecue and everything in between. If you fancy yourself a bit of a chippie connoisseur, we have some news that is bound to excite you – Pringles has just released a Mystery Flavour and is giving one lucky person the chance to win $10,000 for identifying it.

After successful campaigns all around the world, the Pringles Mystery Flavour has finally made its way to Australian shores. A crack team of experts has been working on the baffling concoction, cooking up a flavour so closely guarded that even the folks in the Pringles head office haven’t the faintest idea what it is. Guesses are already flooding in since the first tins dropped on March 1, with a resounding sweet-meets-savoury vibe being detected.

If you’ve been scratching your head trying to figure out the Pringles Mystery Flavour, you’re not going to be left totally in the dark – the company is drip-feeding hungry sleuths a series of clues over on its Facebook page. Pringle poppers are welcome to submit one guess per day to the official website, with a grand $10k prize going to a lucky winner drawn from the pool of correct answers. What are you waiting for? Get snacking!

The Pringles Mystery Flavour is doing the rounds now – keep an eye out at your local supermarket and nab a tin before they disappear on May 31.

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