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Poorer cuts trending on the meat market

While, in recent times, we’ve been highly selective about the cuts of meat we place upon our dinner plates – opting only for the most tender, prime pieces – the times are now changing towards the days of old.

Back when the purse strings were tighter and meat typically came from your own (or next door’s) farm, every part of an animal was used in cooking, with no room for waste. Bones are used to make stock and the tougher cuts are bubbled down into a slow-cooked tender stew.

Rabbit used to be seen a poor man’s meat, with pigeon typically remaining in this category. Beef cheeks are a tough yet lean cut of meat, which most butchers don’t readily carry, yet they’ve slinked onto the gourmet scene in a slowly braised, tender form.

Gerard’s Bistro sees slow-roasted Wagyu brisket join the menu, while The Survey Co. is currently plating up lamb brains with truffle salsa and roast tomato. With these ‘cheaper’ cuts, we experience deeper, meatier flavours. Try this recipe for Braised Ox Tail to ease yourself into this adventurous land of no-waste eating.

Image via Art Finder.

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