Return of the choc – iconic candy bar Polly Waffle to be resurrected

Return of the choc – iconic candy bar Polly Waffle to be resurrected

With all of the ten-year photo challenges going around, it’s a perfect time to reflect on how much has changed over the past decade. If you were a chocolate fan in 2009, you were probably mourning the recent discontinuation of iconic chocolate bar Polly Waffle. We know, it’s been a hard ten years since that fateful day, but behold – the sun shines again! South Australian confectionery company Robern Menz has purchased the Polly Waffle brand from Nestlé, heralding a return of the candy in the foreseeable future.

Forgive us if we come across as overly nostalgic, but we’re absolutely frothing over the return of the iconic snack brands from our childhood. The past few years have seen the resurrection of Yowies, Dunkaroos and Violet Crumble, and now it’s looking like the Polly Waffle will soon join their ranks. Robern Menz – the crew that brought Violet Crumble back to life last year – has recently taken ownership of the Polly Waffle brand, trademark and recipe from Nestlé with intention to reintroduce it more than ten years after the Swiss confectionery company discontinued the product in 2009.

For those that never had the pleasure of tasting a Polly Waffle during its prime, the candy bar resembled a chocolate-coated wafer tube filled with marshmallow. Delicious, right? Although demand for Polly Waffle’s return has been high, there is no word on when we’ll be able to stock up on the purple-wrapped treat just yet. To tide us over, Robern Menz has announced that it will be rolling out bags of bite-sized Violet Crumbles in March. Now, if someone could bring back Burger Man chips, Toucan ice-creams and Tasty Toobs then we’d be perfectly content.

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