Pavement Whispers: Volume 306 May 4
Pavement Whispers: Volume 306 May 4
Pavement Whispers: Volume 306 May 4
Pavement Whispers: Volume 306 May 4

Pavement Whispers: Volume 306 May 4

From news of a sizzling new Thai eatery for Newstead to Morningside’s one-stop shop for all things meat and heat, The Weekend Edition is always on the search for the latest food news in Brisbane, dedicated to ensuring its readers are in the know. When we put our ears to the pavement this week, this is what we found out …

Som Saa
Just when you thought Brisbane’s buzzing foodie nexus Newstead was completely chock-a-block with dining destinations, the suburb surprises us with more. Proving there is no such thing as nimiety when it comes to nosh, new-age Thai restaurant and cocktail spot Som Saa will open at the base of the Energex head office building on Reddacliff Street next month. Som Saa’s ownership crew has teamed up with Icatha Hospitality Solutions to deliver the concept, which looks to strike a midpoint between authentic and atypical with its menu of Thai eats. Som Saa’s team of Thai chefs will hero wok and grill-based dishes, while the restaurant’s bar will complement the culinary effort with a rotating selection of cocktails. The site itself will accommodate more than 80 patrons across indoor and outdoor spaces, with an oasis-style aesthetic reminiscent of Koh Samui’s lavish resorts giving Som Saa a luxurious appeal. Som Saa is expected to open in early-to-mid June – we’ll have more information on this one as it emerges!

Low and Slow Meat Co.
For most participants, low ’n’ slow barbecuing is a culinary pursuit that borders more on full-blown passion rather than simply a hobby. It’s hard to deny that Brisbane’s smoke-and-fire scene is percolating right now, but what you might not know is that the sharp increase in carnivore-friendly concepts is matched by a similar surge in home smoking. One of the chief proponents of the barbecue arts is Low and Slow Meat Co. – a go-to resource for professional pit masters and ember enthusiasts alike. Soon the self-described meat and heat trader will be expanding its offering and footprint with a brand-new gourmet butcher shop and specialty store in Morningside. The crew will be departing its long-time home in Tingalpa to relocate to the former Hans Continental Smallgoods site on Colmslie Road, which is currently being refurbished into a one-stop shop for all things barbecue. Take any preconceived ideas of what a barbecue store should look like and toss them into the nearest smoker. The chic heritage industrial space (which is utilising the building’s existing 100-year-old timber work) will not only house a greater range of barbecue gear and accessories (everything from gloves and thermometers to fuel sources and wood chips), a sizeable butcher and a host of house-made rubs, sauces and glazes, but will also boast a state-of-the-art dry-aged cabinet filled with whole carcasses. What’s more, two 34-inch Mojo Offset smokers from Bullockhead Creek will be set behind glass walls, each charged with lovingly cooking Low and Slow Meat Co.’s pre-smoked and hot-food offering. Once operational, the store will be hawking pre-smoked meats (think ribs, lamb shoulders and charcoal chickens) to take home with a side of mac ’n’ cheese and salad – the perfect spur-of-the-moment dinner option. Low and Slow Meat Co. is targeting late May or early June for its opening – once up and running the crew will look to bring across its dine-in offering. We’ll have an up-close look at this one on The Weekend Edition soon.

Pasta Club’s Sandwich Club and aperitivo hour
It didn’t take long at all for Pasta Club to seduce us with its ever-changing menu of hand-rolled pasta dishes – and now the buzzing West End restaurant is adding a couple of extra feathers to its cap with some hot new offerings. The first addition is Sandwich Club – a weekend lunchtime concept focusing on the trusty sambo. Every Saturday from 11:30 am until sold out, Sandwich Club will be slinging two kinds of sourdough sandwiches (one vegetarian, one protein based) for takeaway only. Ingredients will change from week to week, but each sandwich will come with an Italian soda on the side. Pasta Club is also adding an aperitivo offering to its nighttime service, with sips and snacks available between 4:00–6:00 pm on Friday and Saturday evenings. A new snack menu will feature Cuca anchovies on toast, fried zucchini blossoms, Australian wild olives, tartare and chips, and house bread and butter, while a selection of spritzes (Aperol, limoncello and Campari) will help guests wash down their bites and get primed for the night ahead. In the coming weeks Pasta Club will unveil a bodega-style offering (think take-home wine, bread, pasta and anchovies), perfect for enhancing your pantry.

We love a homecoming story, especially when the person returning home is a chef with Michelin-starred experience! Lauded culinary export, chef Alex Xinis, has come back to Brisbane after some stints in critically acclaimed kitchens abroad to take on the role of head chef in residence at Nostimo at The Greek Club. Boasting a resume that includes time at two Michelin-starred restaurant Funky Gourmet in Athens, as well as George Colombaris’ Press Club, Gazi and Hellenic Republic, Alex is bringing all of his acquired skills to the fore with Nostimo’s brand-new menu. Alex’s take on simple and refined Greek cuisine has manifested in new dishes such as bouyiourdi (spicy baked feta with peppers, onion and tomato), arni (half or whole lamb shoulder), htapodi (octopus cooked in wine), xifias (grilled swordfish with ladolemono), traditional spanakopita and, of course, loukoumades (honey puffs). This enhanced menu also comes with the addition of banquets, with lunch, traditional and celebration options ensuring there’s a suitable feast for all occasions.

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Lead image: Patrick Kalkman on Unsplash

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